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Lady Trojans drop close matches on the road

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STANTON — It was another week of tough volleyball challenges for the Cedar Catholic Lady Trojans, as they ended the week with a 1-3 mark.

Cedar (5-11) dropped a 3-0 (28-26, 25-22, 25-14) decision to Norfolk Catholic last Tuesday before heading to Saturday’s Stanton Tournament where the Lady Trojans lost to Battle Creek 2-0 (28-26, 25-21) and Arlington 2-1 (25-22, 21-25, 30-28) and beat Twin River (25-16, 25-11).

Against Norfolk Catholic, Laney Kathol had 12 kills while Lexi Eickhoff and Faith Christensen added seven kills apiece. Kathol added seven aces and Cady Uttecht 18 assists.

Kathol had 13 kills against Arlington, Uttecht added seven kills and 10 assists, Olivia Hamilton pitched in with 11 assists and Annika Kuehn finished with 12 digs.

Kathol added 10 kills in the Battle Creek loss and seven against Twin River along with eight aces.

“Our team came out and competed this week,” Cedar coach Denae Buss said. “The end results may not show it but we lost several sets this week 28-26 and one 30-28. We are right there competing with the competition this week. I think it shows how our team is improving. They have been working hard on passing and being team players.

The girls are still perfecting their roles, Buss said.

“We play about 12-13 players regularly. Everyone has a role on the team, and each one is important. Coming together and trying new lineups this week and being able to cheer each other on if that is your role in the moment. That is what is making our team strong. And then just playing with effort all the time, those are our two big focuses.”

Junior setter Meredith McGregor said the team knows how to deal with the extended sets that seem to be a part of their day-to-day routine as of late.

“We were doing pretty good (against Arlington) and it was going back-and-forth in that third set,” McGregor said. “We have had a couple of those. It just really comes down to serving. We are up and down with serving and if you miss one serve and its set point you are back to whoever gets the next point. It’s about making those smart decisions in those situations.”

McGregor believes the team is putting things together as it continues to navigate through the regular bombardment of tough foes.

“We are starting to connect with our hitters and our defense is picking up more balls,” McGregor said. “It’s just a matter of putting everything together right now and getting those wins. Right now, it’s kind of like we pick up a good ball and send a free ball over to the other team.

“It’s about being aggressive all the time. We have the want to win and because of that we are starting to play smarter and that’s a big thing.”

Buss also notes that the team needs to work harder on “being mindful” of the game’s bigger moments and making top decisions down the stretch of contests.

“We have our eye on improving each week and learning from each game we play,” Buss said.

Cedar played Pierce at home Tuesday and travels to Wayne for a triangular Thursday.

Cedar Catholic 25 25

Twin River 16 11

KILLS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 7; Lexi Eickhoff, 3; Cady Uttecht, 2; Grace Wortmann, 1; Faith Christensen, 1.

ACE SERVES Cedar - Laney Kathol, 8; Katy Jones, 2; Olivia Hamilton, 2; Cady Uttecht, 1.

BLOCKS Cedar - Lauren Bernecker, 1.

SET ASSISTS Cedar - Cady Uttecht, 8;Olivia Hamilton, 3; Jozie Becker, 1.

DIGS Cedar - Katy Jones, 5; Annika Kuehn, 3; Grace Wortmann, 2; Laney Kathol, 1; Olivia Hamilton, 1; Faith Christensen, 1; Meredith McGregor, 1.

Cedar Catholic 26 21

Battle Creek 28 25

KILLS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 10; Lexi Eickhoff, 3; Lauren Bernecker, 2; Katy Jones, 1.

ACE SERVES Cedar - Laney Kathol, 3; Katy Jones, 1; Cady Uttecht, 1.

BLOCKS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 2; Lexi Eickhoff, 2; Lauren Bernecker, 1.

SET ASSISTS Cedar - Cady Uttecht, 9; Meredith McGregor,3; Lauren Bernecker, 1; Anika Kuehn, 1.

DIGS Cedar - Anika Kuehn, 10; Jordyn Steffen, 4; Meredith McGregor, 4; Laney Kathol, 3; Katie Jones, 3; Cady Uttecht, 2; Olivia Hamilton, 2; Lauren Bernecker, 2.

Cedar Catholic 22 25 28

Arlington 25 21 30

KILLS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 13; Cady Uttecht, 7; Grace Wortmann, 4; Lexi Eickhoff, 4; Jozie Becker, 2.

ACE SERVES Cedar - Katy Jones, 3; Laney Kathol, 2; Meredith McGregor, 2; Cady Uttecht, 1; Annika Kuehn, 1.

BLOCKS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 3; Lexi Eickhoff, 2; Grace Wortmann, 1; Faith Christensen, 1; Jozie Becker, 1.

SET ASSISTS Cedar - Olivia Hamilotn, 11; Cady Uttecht, 10.

DIGS Cedar - Jordynn Steffen, 5; Katy Jones, 4; Cady Uttecht, 3; Olivia Hamilton, 2; Laney Kathol, 1; Faith Christensen, 1; Jozie Becker, 1.

Cedar Catholic 26 22 14

Norfolk Catholic 28 25 25

KILLS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 12; Faith Christenen, 7; Lexi Eickhoff, 7; Lauren Bernecker, 4; Katy Jones, 1.

ACE SERVES Cedar - Laney Kathol, 7; Meredith McGregor, 1; Cady Uttecht, 1; Annika Kuehn, 1.

BLOCKS Cedar - Laney Kathol, 1; Lexi Eickhoff, 1; Cady Uttecht, 1; Lauren Bernecker, 1.

SET ASSISTS Cedar - Cady Uttecht, 18; Meredith McGregor, 7.

DIGS Cedar - Katy Jones, 7; Cady Uttecht, 5; Meredith McGregor, 5; Annika Kuehn, 3; Jordyn Steffen, 2; Faith Christensen, 1.

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