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Cedar earns a forfeit win over David City

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HARTINGTON — It was definitely not the most exciting way to get a win for the Cedar Catholic Trojan football team.

The Trojans were getting themselves ready for a meeting against David City Friday afternoon when everything changed for the Cedar program and head coach Chad Cattau.

“The principal from David City called to inform me they were going to forfeit,” Cattau said. “After that call, I met with our team and told them. They were disappointed that they had worked all week for a chance to play and suddenly it was taken away. We’ve had a lot of discussions in the past about things like this, but you never really expect it to become a reality.

Along with the game special Alumni Night activities were also scrubbed.

Cattau said the reasons given for the forfeiture to the Trojans were based on a number of injuries and respiratory illnesses in their school as David City still geared up to play as late as the morning of the game.

“They had 18 players at school in the morning, so they were comfortable bringing those kids to play,” Cattau said. “Unfortunately, they had two of those kids get sick right after lunch and they had to go home so they were down to 16 players. They felt there were not enough players to field a team for that night. Since they are the school that couldn’t field a team, they had to forfeit the game to us.”

Trojans junior Jay Steffen, an OL/DL who has been battling a shoulder injury was hoping to see a game played but is looking at the positive of having another week to rehabilitate while the team gets a win.

Steffen said he was being limited by the doctors and was to miss a game.

“We are excited we got the easy win, right, but we had practiced all week and fired up to go out there and hand it to them,” Steffen said. “It was kind of sad, you know? It’s just another week where I didn’t have to worry about hurting it or not playing and I can get more rest to get ready for next week.

“I am trying to do physical therapy so I can be ready for the tougher games.”

Steffen admits to always being one of the bigger kids around, but he enjoys working in the trenches even if it is hard work.

“It’s the best place for me,” Steffen, who is 6-2, 260 pounds, said. “You got to be very in shape for starters because you are constantly pushing your legs up and down the field and you don’t really get a break. I like it. It’s a lot of fun.”

Steffen admits he wishes he could score a touchdown one day.

“I wish I could do a scoop and score or we are at the 1-yard line and they put me in the running back,” he said. “Until that time comes when they need that they’ll know where to find me. I am fine where I am right now, but they can put me in at running back and I’d be fine with that.”

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