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Helping Hartington grow has been a "No Brainer"

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Looking back at the changes that have occurred in Hartington over the years, made me look back at my decision over 30 years ago to return to this community. The reasons I made that decision were based on my experiences living in several other small communities in my previous career. Those towns were nice, had wonderful people and were trying like many small towns in Nebraska just to survive. When given the opportunity to return to Hartington, I really didn’t have to think about it, as they say it was a “NO BRAINER.” 

What I saw in this community was a well-cared for, vibrant community with aggressive business owners striving to grow and prosper. I knew this attitude came from a tradition set by our forefathers who moved to this area, built a town, made it the county seat, and created a town that served the residents and their needs.

 This all came about because of previous leaders who were future forward thinkers and risk takers, ready and willing to push the envelope on new ideas. 

As you read through the many articles contained herein you will see how this has made for an outstanding and award winning town in which we should all be proud and honored to live. From the original group who set up this corporation, raising funds, purchasing property and then working on a shoe string budget to develop an industrial site on the outskirts of town to recruit businesses and jobs, to the most recent last couple of decades of people who have helped toward the creation of projects such as the new swimming pool, a new recreation complex, helping pass LB 840 sales tax funding. The recent projects such as the downtown revitalization, West Field Acres housing lots, and Cobblestone Hotel are examples of projects initiated by this group. 

The changes that have taken place over the past 25 years I have served on this corporation are amazing, and I can’t help to see how this outstanding group of people who have served and are now serving on the committee have helped develop the community and direct its growth. It has been a privilege and honor to work with such positive and dedicated individuals who have donated their time and talent to this group and their community. I want to say to all of you “Thank You” for the sacrifices you have made of your time away from your families and businesses to make a “Better” town for all of us.

Finally, I want to make a special “Shout Out” to our Economic Development Coordinator Carla Becker. I am so pleased that when hired many years ago she said “yes” to the job. Carla has brought a lot of different talents to this very difficult position. Her skill set is a perfect fit, but her greatest asset is her dedication and caring for our community. I don’t believe there is anyone more interested in making our businesses grow and our town to become better. Thank you, Carla, for your many years of service. It has not gone unnoticed and is much appreciated. 

As we move forward, the Corporation is working on creating a “New” industrial park, moving toward developing Phase II of West Field Acres, helping expand existing business and providing services for new businesses, along with the reestablishment of LB 840 in the near future. 

I am pleased to call Hartington my home, and still consider it a “No Brainer!”