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HARTINGTON — The Trojans swept the Cedar Catholic Invite last Tuesday, taking home both the boys’ and girls’ top team scores on the day.

While the Lady Trojans cruised through the day atop the leaderboard, finishing with 159 points, the boys’ team worked back and sealed the victory in the final two races of the day.

Sara Reifenrath led the way for the Cedar girls as she continues to blow past her competition this year.

She ran a 12.51 to win the 100-meter dash by more than half a second and won the 200-meter dash by two and a half seconds – breaking her own school record. She also won the 400-meter dash by more than four seconds.

Reifenrath held the 200-meter record with a 25.12, which was recorded at last year’s state meet, and was fast enough to make her the All- Class Champion in the event. Reifenrath was clocked at 24.95 at last Tuesday’s meet, but that was hand timed compared to the electric timing system used down at State.

Reifenrath ran away with the win in each of her events, but the hand timers were tested in quite a few of the other events.

In the boys 100-meter dash, Hartington-New- castle sprinter/jumper Lincoln McPhillips won the race with an 11.87, beating second place Cedar

Catholic sprinter/jumper Jacob Keiser by 0.01 seconds and third place Noah Scott of Randolph by 0.03 seconds.

The girls 100-meter hurdles faced a similar trial, with HNS senior Belle Harms winning with a time of 17.66, beating Crofton’s Allie Dahl by 0.01 seconds.

In the boys’ 400-meter race, second and third place was decided by 0.02 seconds with Randolph’s Justin Haselhorst taking silver in the event, and Cedar Catholic’s Calvin Christensen taking the bronze.

HNS distance runner Shaye Morten took second in the 800-meter run, finishing 0.13 seconds behind Crofton’s Tyler Janssen, and in the 1600-meter run, Janssen won the race with a 5:01.62 to beat Cedar’s Brayden Kathol by 0.01 seconds.

Kathol made up for the second place finish by finishing first in the 3200-meter run, and his long-distance teammates of Dagen Joachimsen and Bode Noecker respectively grabbed third and fifth to vault the Trojans into first with just the 4x400 Relay to go.

The strong finish for Cedar in the long distance event sealed a first-place finish for the team, with the Trojans holding a 12-point lead over Harting- ton-Newcastle going into the final event.

HNS was listed with the top time going into the race, but Cedar further ensured the victory by edging out the Wildcats relay team on the home stretch to take the team victory.

This all happened while McPhillips for HNS played his part by winning all four of the events he competed in. Jumping 6’04” in the high jump, 21’09.50” in the long jump, and 43’09” in the triple jump, along with an 11.87 in the 100-meter dash, McPhillips scored 40 points for the Wildcats.

Hartington-Newcastle had another chance a week later, hosting the HNS Invite Monday.

Boys Team Scores

Cedar Catholic, 142; Hartington-Newcastle, 128; Crofton, 90; Randolph, 68; Creighton, 57; Wynot, 29; Crofton JV, 6; Cedar Catholic JV, 2; Randolph JV, 1.

Girls Team Scores

Cedar Catholic, 159; Crofton, 115.50; Wynot, 108.50; Hartington-Newcastle, 75; Randolph, 35; Creighton, 23; Cedar Catholic JV, 5.

100: Lincoln McPhillips, Hartington-Newcastle, 11.87; Jacob Keiser, Cedar Catholic, 11.88; Noah Scott, Randolph, 11.90; Cody Crosley, Crofton, 12.13; Thomas Stewart, Crofton, 12.26; Easton Becker, Cedar Catholic, 12.45; Thad Hazen, Creighton, 12.50; Sam Van Metre, Creighton, 12.51; Kobe Heitman, Harting- ton-Newcastle, 12.52; Nathan Potts, Cedar Catholic JV, 12.53.

200: Jacob Keiser, Cedar Catholic, 23.57; Noah Scott, Randolph, 23.65; Thomas Stewart, Crofton, 23.68; Charlie Schroeder, Cedar Catholic, 24.88; Nathan Potts, Cedar Catholic JV, 24.93; Cade Hammer, Creighton, 24.97; Owen Sudbeck, Wynot, 25.32; Justin Haselhorst, Randolph, 25.68; Eric Hoesing, Cedar Catholic, 26.22; Blake Arens, Cedar Catholic JV, 26.25.

400: Owen Sudbeck, Wynot, 56.58; Justin Haselhorst, Randolph, 58.01; Calvin Christensen, Cedar Catholic, 58.03; Hunter Hegge, Crofton, 59.66; Anthony Morrill, Creighton, 1:00.28; Wayne Bilka, Crofton, 1:00.99; Blake Arens, Cedar Catholic JV, 1:01.03; Jake Peitz, Hartington-Newcastle, 1:02.47; Nathan Stevens, Crofton JV, 1:02.50; Clay Curtis, Creighton, 1:03.28.

800: Tyler Janssen, Crofton, 2:13.45; Shaye Morten, Hartington- Newcastle, 2:13.58; Cole Becker, Cedar Catholic, 2:14.44; Brian Johnson, Creighton, 2:19.33; Justin Potts, Crofton, 2:20.82; Hunter Hegge, Crofton, 2:22.13; Zach Burcham, Hartington- Newcastle, 2:27.25; Nate Wieseler, Wynot, 2:28.82; Jace Hoferer, Creighton, 2:46.10.

1600: Tyler Janssen, Crofton, 5:01.62; Brayden Kathol, Cedar Catholic, 5:01.63; Dagen Joachimsen, Cedar Catholic, 5:08.51; Shaye Morten, Hartington-Newcastle, 5:09.28; Conner Arens, Crofton, 5:09.29; Tanner Arens, Crofton, 5:10.60; Anthony Haber- man, Wynot, 5:21.28; Bode Noecker, Cedar Catholic, 5:25.88; Gabriel Potts, Crofton JV, 5:46; John Munter, Randolph, 5:48.20.

3200: Brayden Kathol, Cedar Catholic, 11:12.19; Tanner Arens, Crofton, 11:31.60; Dagen Joachimsen, Cedar Catholic, 11:36; Landon Wieseler, Wynot, 11:52.52; Bode Noecker, Cedar Cath- olic, 12:15.47; Gabriel Potts, Crofton JV, 12:28.30; Brian John- son, Creighton, 12:43.21; Tate Guenther, Wynot, 12:51.16; John Munter, Randolph, 13:07.05.

110 Hurdles: Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 16.46; Turner Korth, Hartington-Newcastle, 16.78; Kyler Adams, Creighton, 18.89; Connor Lucas, Creighton, 19.00; Matthew Dohrman, Crofton, 19.51; Alex Heiman, Randolph JV, 20.00; Mayson Ostermeyer, Crofton, 23.19.

300 Hurdles: Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 41.66; Noah Scott, Randolph, 42.35; Turner Korth, Hartington-Newcastle, 42.56; Owen Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 44.75; Connor Vlach, Cedar Catholic, 45.63; Clay Curtis, Creighton, 48.60; Kyler Adams, Creighton, 48.88; Alex Heiman, Randolph JV, 49.10.

4x400: Cedar Catholic, 3:49.07; Hartington- Newcastle, 3:51.32; Crofton, 4:00.00; Creighton, 4:09.64; Wynot, 4:11.53; Crofton JV, 4:20.13.

4x800: Crofton, 8:46.50; Cedar Catholic, 8:56.30; Wynot, 9:40.40; Creighton, 10:14.90; Hartington-Newcastle, 10:26.40. High Jump: Lincoln McPhillips, Hartington- Newcastle, 6-04; Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 6-02; Matthew Becker, Cedar Catholic, 6-00; Carter Lammers, Hartington- Newcastle, 5-08; Sam Harms, Hartington- Newcastle, J5-08; Carson Lilly, Creighton, J5-08; Charlie Schroeder, Cedar Catholic, J5-08; Cody Crosley, Crofton, 5-06; Justin Potts, Crofton, 5-04; Justin Haselhorst, Randolph, 5-04.

Pole Vault: Alex Homan, Creighton, 13-00; Turner Korth, 11-00; Shawn Pinkelman, Hartington-Newcastle, 10-06; Mayson Ostermeyer, Crofton, 10-00; Eric Hoesing, Cedar Catholic, J10-00; Easton Becker, Cedar Catholic, J10-00; Blake Arens, Cedar Catholic JV, 9-06; Cole Steffensen, Hartington-Newcastle JV, 8-00; Jake Tau- ber, Creighton, 8-00; Nathan Potts, Cedar Catholic, 8-00.

Long Jump: Lincoln McPhillips, Hartington- Newcastle, 21-09.50; Thad Hazen, Creigh- ton, 19-11.50; Cody Crosley, Crofton, 19-10; Sam Van Metre, Creighton, 19-07; Owen Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 18-08; Carter Lammers, Hartington-Newcastle, 17-10.50; Connor Vlach, Cedar Catholic, 17-07.25; Justin Haselhorst, Randolph, 17-07; Cade Hammer, Creighton, 17-03; Cole Becker, Cedar Catholic, 17-02.

Triple Jump: Lincoln McPhillips, Harting- ton-Newcastle, 43-09; Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 42-02; Sam Van Metre, Creigh- ton, 40-03; Connor Vlach, Cedar Catholic, 37-01; Brody Eggers, Creighton, 36-11; Carson Sudbeck, Hartington-Newcastle, 35-11; Trystan Heimes, Wynot, 35-09; Anthony Haberman, Wynot, 34-09.50; Calvin Christensen, Cedar Catholic, 34-06; Kyler Adams, Creighton, 33-04.

Shot Put: Rex Becker, Cedar Catholic, 43-10.75; Matthew Meisenheimer, Hartington- Newcastle, 42-04.50; Ethan Hochstein, Wynot, 41-09.25; Gabe Krie, Hartington- Newcastle, 41-06.5; Noah Scott, Randolph, 41-02.50; Andy Knapp, Crofton, 41-02.25; Peyton Haahr, Cedar Catholic, 37-00; Ter- ance Burrell, Creighton, 34-01.50; Ethan Becker, Cedar Catholic JV, 32-07; Austin Burcham, Hartington-Newcastle JV, 31-00.

Discus: Matthew Meisenheimer, Hartington-Newcastle, 127-11; Peyton Haahr, Cedar Catholic, 125-10; Rex Becker, Cedar Catholic, 118-11; Andy Knapp, Crofton, 114- 10; Ben Loecker, Cedar Catholic, 110-08; Ethan Hochstein, Wynot, 105-09; Ethan Olson, Randolph, 94-01; Peyton Wieseler, Wynot, 88-02; Terance Burrell, Crofton, 87- 00; Ethan Becker, Cedar Catholic JV, 83-09.

Girls Individual Results

100: Sara Reifenrath, Cedar Catholic, 12.51; Jayden Jordan, Crofton, 13.15; Krystal Sudbeck, Wynot, 13.33; Keely Pinkelman, Randolph, 13.90; Kaitlyn Heimes, Wynot, 13.91; Noelle Wieseler, Wynot, 14.09; Jada Cattau, Cedar Catholic, 14.09; Teagan Scoggan, Hartington-Newcastle, 14.10; Hannah Van Heek, Crofton, 14.92.

200: Sara Reifenrath, Cedar Catholic, 24.95; Jayden Jordan, Crofton, 27.44; Krystal Sudbeck, Wynot, 27.45; Keirra Vornhagen Crofton, 28.53; Autumn Lammers, Hartington-Newcastle, 28.77; Keely Pinkel- man, Randolph, 29.11; Noelle Wieseler, Wynot, 29.32; Autumn Lawson, Wynot, 29.44; Jada Cattau, Cedar Catholic, 29.58; Abby Hochstein, Cedar Catholic, 30.00.

400: Sara Reifenrath, Cedar Catholic, 1:01.33; Addison Villwok, Randolph, 1:05.35; Karley Heimes, Wynot, 1:05.90; Jayda Bernecker, Cedar Catholic, 1:09.41; Ella Wragge, Crofton, 1:12.03; Mackenzie Sudbeck, Cedar Catholic JV, 1:12.83; Shaelee Planer, Wynot, 1:13.70; Megan Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 1:13.82; Claudia Stevens, Cedar Catholic JV, 1:16.32; Haley Klug, Cedar Catholic JV, 1:16.69.

800: Jayda Bernecker, Cedar Catholic, 2:36.30; Emersyn Sudbeck, Wynot, 2:36.47; Alexis Arens, Crofton, 2:40.90; Charlie Winkelbauer, Randolph, 2:44.26; Megan Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 2:46.07; Brianna Miller, Cedar Catholic, 2:46.14; Jordyn Steffen, Cedar Catholic JV, 3:01.06; Mackenzie Sudbeck, Cedar Catholic JV, 3:20.50; Grace Driver, Wynot, 3:22.80; Mallory Nielsen, Creighton, 3:37.90.

1600: Sara Burbach, Cedar Catholic, 5:57.89; Makenzie Arens, Cedar Catholic, 6:25.28; Rebekah Kleinschmit, Cedar Catholic, 6:40.08; Jordyn Steffen, Cedar Catholic JV, 6:49.80; Ashley Tramp, Crofton, 6:54.50; Kiera Altwine, Crofton, 6:54.50; Autumn Guenther, Wynot, 7:28; Emma Neuhalfen, Crofton JV, 7:36.90; Laney Noecker, Wynot, 7:42.40; Haley Smith, Creighton, 7:42.80.

3200: Sara Burbach, Cedar Catholic, 13:24.46; Makenzie Arens, Cedar Catholic, 14:03.20; Rebekah Kleinschmit, Cedar Catholic, 14:56.40; Autumn Guenther, Wynot, 16:12.87.

100 Hurdles: Belle Harms, Hartington- Newcastle, 17.66; Allie Dahl, Crofton, 17.67; Autumn Lawson, Wyont, 18.06; Keanna Korth, Hartington-Newcastle, 19.57; Maycey Zimmerer, Creighton, 19.84; Grace Driver, Wynot, 20.84; Sierra Nielsen, Creighton, 21.24.

300 Hurdles: Allie Dahl, Crofton, 51.78; Belle Harms, Hartington-Newcastle, 52.35; Kendra Pinkelman, Wynot, 52.36; Emma Bermel, Randolph, 54.61; Kayden Jueden, Hartington-Newcastle, 59.57. 4x100: Wynot, 55.08; Crofton, 55.53; Creighton, 57.90; Hartington-Newcastle, 59.69; Randolph, 1:02.18.

4x400: Cedar Catholic, 4:36.24; Wynot, 4:37.94; Randolph, 4:48.08; Crofton, 5:01.21; Creighton, 5:16.76; Hartington- Newcastle, 5:27.83.

4x800: Cedar Catholic, 10:42.40; Wynot, 10:45.51; Randolph, 11:11.90; Crofton, 11:32.80; Creighton, 14:05.

High Jump: Belle Harms, Hartington- Newcastle, 5-00; Karley Heimes, Wynot, J5-00; Danielle Steffen, Crofton, 4-08; Katelyn Heine, Wynot, 4-04; Ella Wragge, Crofton, 4-04; Edyn Sudbeck Wynot, 4-02; Allie Dahl, Crofton, 4-02.

Pole Vault: Danielle Steffen, Crofton, 8-06; Ryah Ostermeyer, Crofton, 7-06; Jayden Jordan, Crofton, 7-06; Evvie Krie, Hartington-Newcastle, J7-06; Ashtyn Fritz, Creighton, J7-06; Maycey Zimmerer, Creighton, 7-00; Caroline Nelson, Hartington-Newcastle, 6-06.

Long Jump: Autumn Lammers, Harting- ton-Newcastle, 15-06.50; Krystal Sudbeck, Wynot, 15-04; Shaelee Planer, Wynot, 14-08.50; Ashtyn Fritz, Creighton, 14-05; Taylor Schieffer, Crofton, 13-11.50; Jessica Opfer, Hartington-Newcastle, 13-10.50; Ryah Ostermeyer, Crofton, 12-10; Anya Pick, Hartington-Newcastle, 12-06; Ariel Fye, Randolph, 12-01; Natalie Munter, Randolph, 11-11.

Triple Jump: Belle Harms, Hartington- Newcastle, 33-04.50; Autumn Lammers, Hartington-Newcastle, 31-08.50; Kaitlyn Heimes, Wynot, 30-11.50; Maddie Wiesel- er, Cedar Catholic, 30-04; Taylor Scheiffer, Crofton, 29-10; Hannah Van Heek, Crofton, 29-05; Shaelee Planer, Wynot, 29-03.50; Jessica Stevens, Creighton, 29-01; Autumn Lawson, Wynot, 28-08.50; Sierra Niesen, Creighton, 28-02.50.

Shot Put: Abby Hochstein, Cedar Catholic, 35-11; Alexis Arens, Crofton, 34-06.50; Kenlee Goeden, Cedar Catholic, 33-07.50; Clarissa Becker, Creighton, 29-03.75; April Folkers, Wynot, 28-04.25; Amy Tramp, Wynot, 27-08; Taylor Arens, Crofton JV, 26- 11.50; Michaela Lange, Wynot, 25-10.25; Makenna Clarkson, Hartington-Newcastle JV, 25-07.50; Nisa Hinzmann, Creighton, 25-03.50.

Discus: Trisha Dybdal, Cedar Catholic, 101-09; Abby Hochstein, Cedar Catholic, 101-00; Kenlee Goeden, Cedar Catholic, 93-11; Alexis Arens, Crofton, 85-02; April Folkers, Wynot, 82-08; Kayden Jueden, Hartington-Newcastle, 81-07; Michaela Lange, Wynot, 79-09; Ashley Tramp, Crofton, 76-06; Samantha Crocket, Creighton JV, 75-05; Clarissa Becker, Creighton, 74-01.

For full results and much more, make sure to purchase a copy of the April 17, 2019 edition of the Cedar County News.

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