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Youth wrestlers earn medals, trophies

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RANDOLPH –The youth wrestling season is nearing its end with only two weeks left.

Here’s how wrestlers fared at recent area tournaments:

Feb. 25, Pierce (boys tournament)

Braxton Dorcey, Robby Dorcey, Tate Brodersen, first place; Colton Burbach, Tate Albers, Elijah Santos, Jamison Sudbeck, Brexton Lewon, Jace Brodersen, Eli Wortman, Bentley Reimers, second place; Oliver Thelen, Talyn Meyer, Trey Tjaden, third place; Bryant English, fourth place. The team earned third place.

Feb. 25, Atkinson West Holt

Eli Wortman, Bentley Reimers, first place; Reid Junck, Andrew Junck, second place; Emmett Junck, Kasyn Kyncl, Trey Tjaden, third place; Briggs Kyncl, fourth place.

Feb. 24, Creighton

Reid Junck, Elijah Santos, Jace Brodersen, Tate Brodersen, first place.

Feb. 24, Pierce (girls tournament)

Ellie Thelen, Lauren Miller, Sadie Reimers, first place; Lola Wortman, Lila Miller, Karsyn English, Claire Sievers, second place; Peyton Thelen, third place.

Feb. 23, Osmond

Lila Miller, Andrew Junck, Reid Junck, Jackson Dockhorn, Conner Mavis, Brexton Lewon, Lauren Miller, Emmett Junck, Robby Dorcey, Eli Wortman, Sadie Reimers, Bentley Reimers, Ty Sievers, first place; Tate Albers, Elijah Santos, Braxton Dorcey, Jamison Sudbeck, Briggs Kyncl, Jace Brodersen, Eli Miller, Mason Beal, Kasyn Kyncl, Tate Brodersen, second place; Colt Dockhorn, Boston Backhaus, Oliver Thelen, Bryant English,Logan Sievers, Karsyn English, Trey Tjaden, Emma Naslund, third place; Cole Thelen, Sawyer Schmidt, Adam Miller, Carson Schulz, Talyn Meyer, fourth place.

The team earned first place.

Feb. 18, Fremont

Eli Wortman, second place.

Feb. 17, Alcester-Hudson

Bentley Reimers, first place.

Feb. 11, Battle Creek

Elijah Santos, second place.

Feb. 11, Boone Central

Conner Mavis, third place.

Feb. 11, Stanton

Briggs Kyncl, Eli Wortman, first place; Lila Miller, Braxton Dorcey, Karsyn English, Adam Miller, Robby Dorcey, Sadie Reimers, Tate Brodersen, Trey Tjaden, Bentley Reimers, second place; Jamison Sudbeck, Brexton Lewon, Lauren Miller, third place; Oliver Thelen, Jackson Dockhorn, Eli Miller, Kasyn Kyncl, Kamdin Worlein, fourth place.

The Randolph Youth Wrestling Club season concludes with Saturday, March 9, at the Randolph High School gym. The public is invited.