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Wynot Schools celebrate the Week of the Young Child

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WYNOT — The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association of Young Children. It’s the world’s largest early childhood education association and began in 1971.

It is usually the first week in April and its goal is to bring attention to the needs of young children and their families. When awareness and celebration of birth to age 8 children is brought to the citizens of our communities, hopefully we can better meet the needs of all children and their families to lay a positive foundation for children’s success in school.

In celebration of WOYC2022, each day at the Wynot Public School Preschool was celebrated with a special activity. Music Monday brought rhythm and dance by having students create their own musical instruments. The students went to visit

Rachel Becker, the music and band director of Wynot. They were able to look at and try out bongos.

Tasty Tuesday brought mouth watering personal pizzas to the table. Each student brought ingredients to class and were taught about food prep, cleanliness and following a recipe. They used biscuits as crusts and added their own twist with cheese, pepperoni, and canadian bacon slices.

Work Together Wednesday was a day to “work together.” Students had a variety of STEM projects where they had to plan, create, test, and problem solve gears, weights, and scales. They learned how to measure and look at a scale to judge the weight of objects. They created a gear jungle and had to figure out how to make the gears work together to get the trees to turn.

Artsy Thursday brought creativity and tie dying T-shirts. Each child’s individuality came through from how they wanted their shirt folded to the color combinations they chose for their shirt. It is truly colorific.

Family Friday is a day focused on families and being together. We did not have class on Friday so the preschool teachers’ put together packets of dry ingredients to make playdough at home with their child. Recipe cards were provided and the families were able to make “No Cook Playdough” or “Cake Mix Playdough.” Families only had to provide the wet ingredients. Playdough has always been a fabulous childhood pastime for many years. There are so many ways to make it, all you need is a little imagination.

Early childhood educators are sometimes not given enough credit. From being home childcare providers, center childcare providers, or preschool teachers. Parents are first and foremost their child’s first and best teacher. I would say next in line would be a childcare provider and/or a teacher. As an educator I have always strived to be the best teacher and provider I can be for not only my students, but for their family as a whole. Giving children a positive experience is so important. When a child feels safe and valued, their trust grows and their learning blooms. I can only hope to continue to do this for the families and children I work for at Wynot Public Schools.