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Wildcat boys open new season by winning Cedar title

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HARTINGTON — Track season kicked off last week with the Cedar Catholic Invitational at the Hartington Community Complex.

The Trojans competed alongside Hartington-Newcastle, Crofton, Allen, Randolph, O’Neill St. Mary’s Bloomfield, Battle Creek, Niobrara-Verdigre and Wynot in the season opener.

The HNS boys and Battle Creek girls walked away with team titles.

Some state qualifiers from last year showed a strong start to the new season.

Cedar Catholic junior Sara Reifenrath was the All-Class champion in the 200-meter dash at last year’s state meet, running a 25.12 in Omaha. She started this year strong with a 25.57 in the half-lap sprint, beating her foes by at least a full second.

The junior had a strong day, winning the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, and 400-meter dash.

Last year, Reifenrath also qualified in the 400-meter dash, finishing fifth, the 400-meter relay, with the team finishing 10th, and in the 1600 meter relay, finishing third as a team.

A Wildcat senior also performed well, showing he looks to step up big for defending state champion Hartington-Newcastle this spring.

Lincoln McPhillips earned third in high jump and 11th in long jump down at State last year, helping Hartington-Newcastle win the Class C state championship.

He will fill the shoes now-graduated Cole Schmidt in the sprints as well, showing off his speed to open the season. McPhillips won the high jump and the long jump, but the surprise may have been him running an 11.06 to win the 100-meter dash. The senior did not run sprints last year but shows potential in a new event this year.

There were also some extremely close races on Tuesday.

In the 110 meter hurdles, Randolph’s Keaton Backhaus edged out a victory over Hartington-Newcastle’s Turner Korth. Backhaus ran an 18.10, with Korth running aan18.11.

Matthew Meisenheimer won the shot put for the Wildcats by a couple of inches. His winning throw was 42’ 8” with Cedar Catholic’s Rex Becker falling in second with a throw of 42’ 5.75”.

The hurdles saw another close race by the girls at 100 meters. Belle Harms of Hartington- Newcastle edged out Renee Brummels of Battle Creek, also by one-hundredth of a second for the win. Harms ran a 16.30 with Brummels running a 16.31.

Conditions could not have been better for the first meet of the year, with sunny skies and not much of a breeze coming from the south. Most of these teams were back in action Tuesday for a Hartington-Newcastle Invite here.


Boys Team Results

Team: Hartington-Newcastle, 100; Crofton, 92; Cedar Catholic, 82; Allen, 66; Randolph, 60; O’Neill St. Mary’s, 39; Bloomfield, 32; Battle Creek, 25; Battle Creek JV, 17; Wynot, 12; Crofton JV, 2.

100: Lincoln McPhillips, Hartington-Newcastle, 11.06; Cody Crosley, Crofton, 11.27; Trenton Holz, Bloomfield, 11.30; Noah Scott, Randolph, 11.31; Jacob Keiser, Cedar Catholic, 11.39; Thomas Stewart, Crofton, 11.58; Kobe Heitman, Hartington-Newcastle, 11.65; Dade Davis, Bloomfield, 11.66; Reece Bode, Battle Creek, 11.88; Zach Zohner, Battle Creek, 11.90.

200: Noah Carr, Allen, 23.07; Grady Semin, St. Mary’s, 23.45; Kobe Heitman, Hartington-Newcastle, 24.13; Thomas Stewart, Crofton, 24.15; Charlie Schroeder, Cedar Catholic, 24.30; Jacob Keiser, Cedar Catholic, 24.33; Zach Zohner, Battle Creek, 24.35; Adam Johnson, Bloomfield, 24.40; Mason Mink, Battle Creek, 24.78; Dade Davis, Bloomfield, 25.19.

400: Brogan Jones, Allen, 53.58; Grady Semin, St. Mary’s, 53.90; Grant Winkelbauer, St. Mary’s, 55.94; Charlie Schroeder, Cedar Catholic, 57.18; Owen Sudbeck, Wynot, 56.32; Zach Burcham, Hartington-Newcastle, 58.78; Blake Arens, Cedar Catholic JV, 59.70; Calvin Christensen, Cedar Catholic, 59.81; Eric Hoesing, Cedar Catholic, 1:01.25; William Poppe, Crofton JV, 1:01.83.

800: Tyler Janssen, Crofton, 2:13; Shaye Morten, Hartington-Newcastle, 2:13.5; Isaac Verzani Allen, 2:16.65; Cole Becker, Cedar Catholic, 2:18.44; Grant Winkelbauer, St. Mary’s, 2:19.16; Owen Lade, Battle Creek, 2:22.85; Justin Potts, Crofton, 2:23.5; Justin Haselhorst, Randolph, 2:24.9; Gabe Reinert, Allen, 2:28; Hunter Hegge, Crofton, 2:31.38.

1600: Conner Arens, Crofton, 5:03.06; Brayden Kathol, Cedar Catholic, 5:05.90; Tanner Arens, Crofton, 5:05.95; Dagen Joachimsen, Cedar Catholic, 5:13.52; Owen Lade, Battle Creek, 5:15.28; Anthony Haberman, Wynot, 5:18.40; Titus Tillman, Battle Creek JV, 5:22; Bode Noecker, Cedar Catholic, 5:26.87.

3200: Conner Arens, Crofton, 11:09.84; Tanner Arens, Crofton, 11:10.53; Brayden Kathol, 11:14.05; Dagen Joachimsen, Cedar Catholic, 11:38.02; Bode Noecker, Cedar Catholic, 12:16.27; Cory Martinson, Bloomfield, 12:20.89; Gabriel Potts, Crofton, 12:23; Hunter Oestreich, Battle Creek JV, 12:54.75.

110 Hurdles: Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 18.10; Turner Korth, Hartington-Newcastle, 18.11; Lukas Oswald, Allen, 19.10; Braden Eisenhauer, Bloomfield, 20:34; Baron Buckendahl, Battle Creek, 20.35; Colby Zuhlke, Crofton, 21.50; Ty Krommenhoeck, Allen, 21.70; Alex Heiman, Randolph JV, 22.19; Joshua Cooper, Allen, 22.39; Matthew Dohrman, Crofton, 22.45.

300 Hurdles: Noah Scott, Randolph, 42.63; Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 42.85; Lukas Oswald, Allen, 44.76; Turner Korth, Hartington-Newcastle, 45.16; Baron Buckendahl, Battle Creek, 45.18; Braden Eisenhauer, Bloomfield, 46.58; Connor Semin, St. Mary’s, 46.96; Coltin Vargas, Niobrara-Verdigre, 47.24; Owen Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 47.52; Steven Cooks, Allen, 47.52.

4x100: Bloomfield, 46.78; Battle Creek, 47.61; Randolph, 49.45; Allen, 51.45; Crofton, 52.89; Crofton JV, 53.26; St. Mary’s, DNF; Cedar Catholic, DNF, Battle Creek JV, DQ; Hartington-Newcastle, DQ.

4x400: Allen 3:40.77; Hartington-Newcastle, 3:45.15; Bloomfield, 3:45.33; St. Mary’s, 3:50;39; Crofton, 3:53. 13; Cedar Catholic, 3:57.03; Battle Creek, 3:57.60; Battle Creek JV, 4:00.70; Wynot, 4:04.30; Niobrara-Verdigre, 4:14.05; Crofton JV, 4:24.70.

4x800: Allen, 9:02.90; Cedar Catholic, 9:06; Crofton, 9:13.6; Wynot, 9:41.9; Battle Creek, 10:04.5; Battle Creek, JV, 10:12; Niobrara-Verdigre, 10:36; Bloomfield, 10:51.4.

High Jump: Lincoln McPhillips, Hartington-Newcastle, 6-02; Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 6-00; Landon Olson, Battle Creek JV, J6-00; Carter Lammers, Hartington-Newcastle,  J6-00; Cody Crosley, Crofton, J6-00; Justin Potts, Crofton, 5-08; Charlie Schroeder, Cedar Catholic, 5-08; Matthew Becker, Cedar Catholic, 5-08; Roger Mieure, Battle Creek JV, J5-08; Sam Harms, Hartington-Newcastle, J5-08; Steven Cooks, Allen, J5-08.

Pole Vault: Turner Korth, Hartington-Newcastle, 10-06; Eric Hoesing, Cedar Catholic, 10-00; Mayson Ostermeyer, Crofton, 10-00; Nathan Potts, Cedar Catholic, 9-06; Easton Becker, Cedar Catholic, 9-00; Tyson Sauser, Bloomfield, 9-00; Blake Arens, Cedar Catholic JV, 9-00; Bode Noecker, Cedar Catholic, 8-06; Cole Steffensen, Hartington-Newcastle, 8-00; Aiden Gratzfeld, Hartington-Newcastle, 8-00.

Long Jump: Lincoln-McPhillips, Hartington-Newcastle, 22-06; Cody Crosley, Crofton, 21-11; Landon Olson, Battle Creek JV, 20-07.5; Rich Brauer, Battle Creek JV, 19-03.5; Kobe Heitman, Hartington-Newcastle, 18-11; Dade Davis, Bloomfield, 18-09; Owen Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 18-05.5; Branston Gieselman, Bloomfield, 18-05.25; Kolby Heller, Battle Creek, 18-04.5; Dylan Amick, Battle Creek JV, 18-04.

Triple Jump: Keaton Backhaus, Randolph, 41-07; Jacob Keiser, Cedar Catholic, 41-00; Reece Bode, Battle Creek, 39-11.25; Joshua Grone, Allen, 38-07.75; Baron Buckendahl, Battle Creek, 37-01.5; Carson Sudbeck, Hartington-Newcastle, 37-01; Trystan Heimes, Wynot, 36-07.5; Gabe Pribil, St. Mary’s, 36-06.25; Payton, Crofton, 36-05.50; Connor Vlach, Cedar Catholic, 36-05.25.

Shot Put: Matthew Meisenheimer, Hartington-Newcastle, 42-08; Rex Becker, Cedar Catholic, 42-05.75; Andy Knapp, Crofton, 41-00.5; Noah Scott, Randolph, 40-00; Logan Johnson, Bloomfield, 39-04.75; Ethan Hochstein, Wynot, 39-03.5; Dalton Gieselman, Bloomfield, 38-08.75; Gabe Krie, Hartington-Newcastle, 38-07.75; Joshua Grone, Allen, 38-00; Colby Hamilton, Battle Creek, 36-07.25.

Discus Throw: Cole Rosenkrans, St. Mary’s 131-02.5; Matthew Meisenheimer, Hartington-Newcastle, 121-06; Rex Becker, Cedar Catholic, 115-10.50; Ethan Hochstien, Wynot, 115-01.5; Andy Knapp, Crofton, 111-02.5; Zach Crumly, St. Mary’s 110-06.5; Peyton Haahr, Cedar Catholic, 107-00. Ethan Olson, Randolph, 102-10.5; Logan Johnson, Bloomfield, 100-10; Adam Everitt, St. Mary, 99-09.


Girls Team Results (Top 10 per event)

Team: Battle Creek, 117; Cedar Catholic, 105; Bloomfield, 59; O’Neill St. Mary’s, 48; Crofton, 44; Wynot, 38; Hartington-Newcastle, 36; Allen, 36; Niobrara-Verdigre, 23; Randolph, 15; Battle Creek JV, 6.

100: Sara Reifenrath, Cedar Catholic, 12.4; Krystal Sudbeck, Wynot, 13.26; Jordyn Carr, Allen, 13.30; Shelby Obst, Battle Creek, 13.33; Teagan Kneifl, Hartington-Newcastle, 13.33; Keely Pinkelman, Randolph, 13.82; Kaitlyn Heimes, Wynot, 13.83; Madi Taake, Battle Creek, 13.94; Lauren Pinkelman, Bloomfield, 13.95; Jada Cattau, Cedar Catholic, 13.96.

200: Sara Reifenrath, Cedar Catholic, 25.57; Abby Everitt, St. Mary’s 27.18; Jordyn Carr, Allen, 28.07; Krystal Sudbeck, Wynot, 28.47; Lauren Pinkelman, Bloomfield, 28.5; Kierra  Vornhagen, Crofton, 28.71; Makenna Taake, Battle Creek, 28.72; Shelby Obst, Battle Creek, 28.73; Jada Cattau, Cedar Catholic, 29.51; Noelle Wieseler, Wynot, 29.99.

400: Sara Reifenrath, Cedar Catholic, 1:02.28; Alli Jackson, Allen, 1:04.5; Jayda Bernecker, Cedar Catholic, 1:06.57; Paytyn Taake, Battle Creek, 1:08.16; Ella Wragge, Crofton, 1:11.65; Shaelee Planer, Wynot, 1:11.66; Megan Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 1:13.02; Emerson Randa, Niobrara-Verdigre, 1:14.90; Haley Klug, Cedar Catholic JV, 1:15.47; Raina Lade, Battle Creek JV, 1:17.31.

800: Faith Williamson, St. Mary’s, 2:36.40; Alexis Arens, Crofton, 2:41.40; Emersyn Sudbeck, Wynot, 2:42; Tria McLean, Battle Creek, 2:50.9; Megan Heimes, Cedar Catholic, 2:52; Ali Jackson, Allen, 2:53.94; Lindsey Bolling, Battle Creek, 2:54.70; Jordyn Steffen, Cedar Catholic JV, 3:01; Hannah Tillman, Battle Creek, 3:06; Katie Pongratz, St. Mary’s, 3:09.28.

1600: Bree Eisenhauer, Bloomfield, 5:56.26; Faith Williamson, St. Mary’s, 6:02.90; Sara Burbach, Cedar Catholic, 6:05.87; Makenzie Arens, Cedar Catholic, 6:20.69; Addison Villwok, Randolph, 6:26.52; Kate Bruns, Bloomfield, 6:40.10; Rebekah Kleinschmit, Cedar Catholic, 6:45; Ashley Tramp, Crofton JV, 6:56.33.

3200: Bree Eisenhauer, Bloomfield, 12:57.84; Makenzie Arens, Cedar Catholic, 14:03.44; Sara Burbach, Cedar Catholic, 14:31.13; Rebekah Kleinschmit, Cedar Catholic, 14:50.27; Kelsey Schieffer, Crofton, 15:34.28; Bethany Kneifl, Allen, 15:55.42; Mikayla Miller, Battle Creek, 16:47.89.

100 Hurdles: Belle Harms, Hartington-Newcastle, 16.30; Renee Brummels, Battle Creek, 16.31; Maddie Oltmanns, Battle Creek JV, 17.16; BriAnna Zohner, Battle Creek, 17.20; Allie Dahl, Crofton, 17.95; Zoey Reeves, Battle Creek, 17.96; Lilly Knull, Battle Creek JV, 18.60; Autumn Lawson, Wynot, 18.70; Cassidy Thomas, Allen, 18.95; Andrea Sucha, Niobrara-Verdigre, 19.15.

300 Hurdles: Chaney Konopasek, Niobrara-Verdigre, 52.81; Riley Seifert, Battle Creek, 53.12; BriAnna, Zohner, Battle Creek, 53.70; Allie Dahl, Crofton, 54.00; Emma Bermel, Randolph, 55.41; Zoey Reeves, Battle Creek, 55.76; Kendra Pinkelman, Wynot, 55.88; Maddie Oltmanns, Battle Creek JV, 56.64; Sybil Scofield, St. Mary’s, 1:00.00; Kayden Jueden, Hartington-Newcastle, 1:00.20.

4x100: Battle Creek, 54.90; Hartington-Newcastle, 55.63; Wynot, 55.94; Crofton, 56.06; Bloomfield, 59.07; Allen, 59.26; Battle Creek JV, 59.62; Niobrara-Verdigre, 1:00.00; Randolph, 1:00.40; Hartington-Newcastle JV, 1:02.00

4x400: Cedar Catholic, 4:29.48; Battle Creek, 4:34.91; Randolph, 4:35.64; Allen, 4:38.25; Wynot, 4:39.70; Bloomfield, 4:41.09; Crofton, 5:01.44; O’Neill St. Mary’s 5:10.08.

4x800: Cedar Catholic, 10:53.40; Wynot, 11:01; Bloomfield, 11:24; Randolph, 11:25; Battle Creek, 11:37; Crofton, 11:40; Allen, 12:23; Battle Creek JV, 13:24.60.

High Jump: Abby Everitt, St. Mary’s, 5-02; Belle Harms, Hartington-Newcastle, 4’10; Andrea Sucha, Niobrara-Verdigre, 4-10; Riley Seifert, Battle Creek, 4-10; Tria McLean, Battle Creek, 4-10; Renee Brummels, Battle Creek, J4-10; Kaley Einrem, Crofton, 4-08; Danielle Steffen, Crofton, 4-08; Ella Wragge, Crofton, 4-06; Karley Heimes, Wynot, 4-06; Edyn Sudbeck, Wynot, 4-02.

Pole Vault: Michaela Johnson, Bloomfield, 8-06; Ella McFarland, Bloomfield, 8-00; Jessica Lange, Crofton, J8-00; Danielle Steffen, Crofton, J8-00; Evvie Krie, Hartington-Newcastle, 7-00; Ryah Ostermeyer, Crofton, J7-00; Katie Pongratz, St. Mary’s J7-00; Caroline Nelson, Hartington-Newcastle, 6-06; Brynn Bergman, Bloomfield, 6-06.

Long Jump: Jordyn Carr, Allen, 17-10; Abby Everitt, St. Mary’s 16-07.5; Paytyn Taake, Battle Creek, 16-00; Madi Taake, Battle Creek, 15-09; Autumn Lammers, 15-08.5; Krystal Sudbeck, Wynot, 15-07; Shaelee Planer, Wynot, 14-11; Keely Pinkelman, Randolph, 14-02.5; Emerson Randa, Niobrara-Verdigre, 13-08; Andrea Sucha, Niobrara-Verdigre, 13-02.

Triple Jump: Renee Brummels, Battle Creek, 36-11.5; Makenna Taake, Battle Creek, 35-07; Belle Harms, Hartington-Newcastle, 34-09.25; Abby Everitt, St. Mary’s 33-08.5; Kaitlyn Heimes, Wynot, 33-03.5; Madi Taake, Battle Creek, 32-05; Hannah Van Heek, Crofton, 30-03.5; Autumn Lawson, Wynot, 30-01; Shaelee Planer, Wynot, 29-09.5; Natalie Munter, Randolph, 29-05.5.

Shot Put: Abby Hochstein, Cedar Catholic, 39-06; Abby Meinke, Battle Creek, 39-01; Alexis Arens, Crofton, 34-08; Brooklyn Eisenhauer, Bloomfield, 34-00; Kenlee Goeden, Cedar Catholic, 33-02; Trisha Dybdal, Cedar Catholic, 32-07; Aspen Jansen, Hartington-Newcastle, 31-11; Britney Kreikmeier, Battle Creek, 30-08; April Folkers, Wynot, 28-05.5; Brynn Bergmann, Bloomfield, 27-09.

Discus: Abby Meinke, Battle Creek, 102-08; Chaney Konopasek, Niobrara-Verdigre, 102-03; Trisha Dybdal Cedar Catholic, 100-10; Alexis Arens, Crofton, 98-10; Abby Hochstein, Cedar Catholic, 91-10; Brooklyn Eisenhauer, 89-04; Kenlee Goeden, Cedar Catholic, 83-00; Cassidy Thomas, Allen, 80-06; Grace Jansen, Hartington-Newcastle, 79-04.


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