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Throwback Thursday 1963: Loot found from bank burglary

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May 27, 1948

RANDOLPH - Mr. and Mrs. Jens A. Jensen of Thisted, Denmark, brother-in-law and sister of Jim Jensen of Randolph, arrived Saturday in Randolph for a stay at the Jensen home. They landed May 18 in New York City, coming on the Gripsholm from Sweden.

Mr. and Mrs. Jensen will also visit extensively with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jensen of Belden. Andrew Jensen is an uncle of Mrs. Jensen and Jim Jensen.

The Jensens came by bus from New York City, and although neither of them could speak English except for a few words they got along quite well while traveling as they carried with them a lexicon, containing both Danish and English statements.

May 23, 1963

RANDOLPH - Early Saturday afternoon, Alvin Meier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Meier, found a wad of certificates and currency which has been identified by authorities as part of the loot taken in the burglary of the First National Bank of Belden on April 5.

The lad, a seventh grade student at St. Frances school, made his discovery along highway 81 near Ronspies Implement as he was looking for pop bottles.

The find was reported to proper authorities who notified the FBI. It is now in the possession of Cedar County Sheriff John F. Riibe awaiting claim by the FBI as material evidence in the case.

May 24, 1973

RANDOLPH - There will be 72 members of the Class of 1973 to graduate at the Randolph High School Auditorium Friday evening at 8:00 p.m.

The processional and recessional music will be provided by Miss Mary Hughes. Rev. Walter Rossbach of St. John’s Lutheran church will give the invocation and benediction. Special music will be vocal selections by Madrigal.

The Valedictorian address will be given by Mary Hansen. Susan Meyer will read the class history and words will be given by Mr. Lloyd Lanik, high school principal. Mr. Neil Kluver, the superintendent, will present the class, and the diplomas will be presented by Roger Buchanan, president of the board of Education. Ushers for the seniors will be Cindy Rohde and Dan Backer.

May 24, 1973

RANDOLPH - The yard of Mr. and Mrs. Don Andrew was the Yard of the Month winner for the south part of town. Receiving honorable mention for the south part of town was the yards of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berner.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Huwaldt was Yard of the Month winner for the north part of town. The yard belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Viergutz received honorable mention for the north part of town.

The contest is sponsored by the Randolph Community Betterment Council, and the yards are judged by people from out of town.

May 26, 1983

RANDOLPH - Dennis Bazata is the recipient of the Teacher-ofthe- Year award presented by the Randolph Education Association. Bazata is Vo-Ag instructor at Randolph Public Schools and FFA sponsor.

May 26, 1983

RANDOLPH - Thirty-six people representing The Randolph City Council, The Randolph Board of Education, School Administration, 83-84 Senior Class and the Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic Church Councils met May 18 in regard to what a representative of the group said, the drug problem especially alcohol, in the Randolph community.

The group listed the problems that seem to exist in the community, then divided themselves into three smaller groups to discuss ways of solving the problem. The news release that was prepared by the group said that the three groups came up with similar ideas, which are the following: 1. - provide other than alcoholic drinks only, at social hours.

2. - detect who is buying drinks for minors and prosecute vigorously.

3. - help law enforcement be more effective.

4. - find out why so many violators are not prosecuted by the courts.

May 26, 1993

RANDOLPH - Ken Morten is among 28 teachers selected throughout the state for the math writing team for the Nebraska Math and Science Frameworks project. The purpose is to write curriculum recommendations for the Nebraska Department of Education. Morten will serve on the high school level team of four.

May 26, 1993

RANDOLPH - The annual postal- sponsored Benjamin Franklin Stamp Club Design Contest was comprised of 1,869 entries with four Randolph students placing in the contest.

They were Jason Burns, Ryan Brodersen, Dusty Backer and Josh Olson.

May 28, 2003

RANDOLPH - On May 21 at the Randolph Fire Hall, Gary Hastings, Northeast EMS/CISM Specialist, presented the Randolph Rescue Squad with a pediatric kit which was donated by Lincoln Northeast Kiwanis Club and the Kiwanis Club of Nebraska/Iowa.

More than 45 kits were given to EMS programs throughout Nebraska recently, according to Hastings.

Sandra Atkins, instructor from Northeast Community College, presented the instruction-training for the new equipment to the Randolph Emergency Medical Technicians. Besides being an instructor from NECC, Atkins is a paramedic on the Winside Volunteer Rescue Squad and the postmaster at Winside.

May 28, 2003

RANDOLPH - Saturday’s second annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Cedar County is ready to roll.

The event will be held at the Laurel Sports Complex. That facility will be transformed into 29 campsites - one for each of the participating teams.

Scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., the event will end at 7 a.m. Organizers are expecting the area to be filled with tents, campers and lawn chairs. Special ceremonies, food and games, funnel cakes and face painting will help create a carnival-like atmosphere.

May 22, 2013

RANDOLPH — Board members from the three southern Cedar County schools are looking at working together to provide students with as many opportunities as possible. School board members from Randolph, Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School Districts visited Monday with one another and threw some ideas out on how the schools could help each other and save money in the process.

Sports, activities, and educational opportunities were all touched on during the informal session.

Board members from the three schools visited with one another, expressed their opinions and shared a few laughs during the informal meeting on Monday evening.

May 22, 2013

RANDOLPH — Beginning with the purchase of a new bus, school board members discussed a list of items needed for the district, including scoreboards, pianos, and weight-lifting equipment, at Monday’s monthly meeting.

Board Member Mike Strathman presented his research findings to the board on buses, their prices, components, pros and cons, and specifications. After considering all the information, the board approved the purchase of a new 65-passenger bus from Cornhusker in Norfolk in an amount not to exceed $80,000.

Board President Paul Schmit commented that someone had mentioned to him that maybe the bus should be used for routes, not activities.

Mr. Strathman and Superintendent Dave Hamm explained that vans can often cover route needs, but a bus will be needed between activity and route needs, so the decision on where to use the bus can be made down the road.