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Roadblocks are being ignored

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HARTINGTON — Cedar County Commissioners Monday expressed frustration that their efforts to close ood- damaged roads are being thwarted.

Many roadblocks are being ignored, while others are either being removed or damaged, Cedar County Commission Chairman Dave McGregor said.

Commissioners said they have also found some barricades that have been thrown into a nearby creek.

Going around the barricades is just not a good idea, Commissioner Chris Tramp said.

“If there is a 16-foot drop off on the edge of the road, people can’t be on that road. That is just not safe,” he said.

The road blocks have been put up to protect local residents, Cedar County Highway Superintendent Carla Schmidt said. 

“The roads need to be safe for all the public, not just the 

farmer that needs to get into his eld,” McGregor said.

McGregor, who is a farmer himself, said he understands area farmers are anxious to use the roads to help them prepare their elds for planting.

“We know the farmers need to get into the elds, but we’ve only got six to eight guys (per District) to work on this. They’ve been working nine hours a day. They’ve been working Saturdays. People have got to be a little patient. We can only do so much and if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate we can’t do much,” McGregor said.

Tramp expressed frustration with people going through barricaded roads.

“That only makes things worse and slows things down,” he said.

Tramp and McGregor both said they appreciate the patience many Cedar County residents have shown.

“We know it’s an inconvenience, we know that. We’re trying to x them as fast as we can,” Tramp said.