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Plans reviewed for new baseball field bathrooms

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Plans reviewed for new baseball field bathrooms

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HARTINGTON — After years of discussion and debate, the Hartington City Council is now a step closer to approving a project for a new restroom facility at the Felber Park baseball field.

Councilman Brad Peitz distributed a drawing of a 14’ x 28’ structure that would be along the south end of the current concession stand.

With bathrooms currently down near the left eld foul pole, this plan aims to solve an issue for baseball fans that may have dif culty making the walk to the current bathroom location.

The structure would be ADA compliant and would be completed in time to meet a requirement for Hartington to host the American Legion Area District Tournament.

At Monday’s meeting, Peitz said they were given a rough quote of it costing between $20,000 and $30,000 for the structure — not including plumbing and fixtures.

It was discussed that the easiest spot to extend water to that building would be from about 400 feet away near the Steve and Jayne Steffen home next to Felber Park.

The building would have poured walls, a cheaper solution compared to block walls.

No action could be taken Monday, but it is expected to make its way as an agenda item soon so work can get going on this project rather quickly.

Also, Monday, the Hartington Chamber of Commerce requested the City Council’s approval to put flower baskets on alternating street lamps throughout the business district.

The Chamber will fund the project, and will also be applying for a grant.

It is unclear at what height these flower fixtures will hang from the street posts, but it was said businesses that sponsor the fixtures will have the responsibility of watering the plants.

The council also approved a Special Designated Liquor License for Cedar Catholic High School. The school is holding a trivia night April 27 and wants the license for that night.

The Council then approved the annual payment to Bill Yates on the New Industrial Park, along with 2018 real estate taxes on the Industrial Park. This money comes from the LB840 fund and is part of a multi-year payment plan.

Next, Hartington became a member of the Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development Council. The $100 membership was approved when Gary Howey approached the council about joining surrounding towns to be a part of the group. Currently, the Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development Council’s office is in Plainview, but Howey says they will soon be moving to Ponca.

Also, Councilman Chris Bartling announced during his department report that painting of the pool is finishing up, and they are working on a few more things as the summer season soon approaches.

Councilman Roman Sudbeck then talked about the Complex and Auditorium. He says he has been working to patch parts of the track that have seen some wear over the years, and he is also painting some light posts that were showing rust.

Sudbeck then said work on the roof of the City Auditorium will start soon, once the project at the old Fire Hall is complete. Following the work on the roof, Sudbeck said work will begin to solve issues of water making its way into the building in the basement.

Mayor Mark Becker then mentioned thoughts on approaching the golf board to find where the property line begins within the golf course parking lot. Becker noted it may be in the best interest of both parties to discuss repaving the parking lot instead of doing the routine patchwork to fix potholes and other problems that have begun to pop up with more frequency.

Clerk Natalie Schaecher also told the Council the Library Board asked for the Council’s blessing to apply for the National Register for Historic Places.