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New Intern, Stormberg, Digs Into Cedar County This Summer

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New Intern, Stormberg, Digs Into Cedar County This Summer

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HARTINGTON - When Elsie Stormberg, 20, first appeared in Hartington, Nebraska and stepped out of her mother’s navy mini van, it was an oddly cold and rainy day for May. Once outside of her family’s van, she was greeted by a quick gust of wind and her new boss, Robert Dump. This was the beginning of her internship as a photographer and reporter for the Cedar County News.


Stormberg was dropped off by her parents Paul and Alison Stormberg on Sunday, May 20, 2018. She is an Omaha native and the oldest of four. Her siblings names are Adelaide, 18, Lydia, 14, and Henry, 9. Her family also has a 1-year-old, rescued Australian cattle dog named Poppy.


Stormberg is a born-and-raised Husker fan and has a weakness for a good dog and a solid cup of coffee. She is newly acquainted with country music and loves getting new music suggestions.


She currently attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is pursuing a journalism degree with an emphasis in photojournalism. She is minoring in communications studies and human rights and humanitarian affairs.


As a sophomore at UNL, Stormberg began the 2017-2018 school year as an assistant photo/video editor at The Daily Nebraskan, the student-run newspaper. She then applied to the Global Eyewitness program in the journalism school to travel to Puerto Rico to visually cover the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria.


Stormberg was on the island from Dec. 17, 2017 through Jan. 5, 2018 and specifically worked in Lares, a municipality, with a man named Julian Hidalgo. Hidalgo was one of many to lose his roof and most of his belongings in the hurricane. She also photographed and filmed a community taking refuge in an abandoned school after the hurricanes destroyed their nearby homes.


Through these people, Stormberg created a story explaining the issues with the aid being given to those on the island and the dependency on this aid many Puerto Ricans developed.


In the spring, Stormberg worked as an intern at the Omaha World Herald and photographed Nebraska basketball and baseball, high school state athletic tournaments and other various assignments.


Through journalism, photography and videography, her goal is to give a platform to those who’s voices need to be heard. Stormberg wants to utilize her skills as a photojournalist to cultivate reform and change.


Along with these goals, she also wants the people of Hartington to know that she is thrilled to begin her internship and is most excited to attend and cover the county fair and get to know the town.