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Kayden Jueden records her 1,000th kill

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HOWELLS — Despite a slow start to the season, the Hartington-Newcastle volleyball team did have a bright spot Saturday.

During Saturday’s Howells-Dodge tourney, Kayden Jueden recorded a major milestone with her 1,000th career kill.

Jueden has been a key player for the Lady Wildcats, starting as an outside hitter all four of her years in high school.

“It has been so fun watching her grow into the player that she is today and I could not be more proud of someone,” HNS Coach Leigh Haselhorst said. “She has worked hard for this accomplishment and definitely earned it.”

Haselhorst said Jueden has a very strong desire to win, and it shows.

“Her tenacious personality makes her a great volleyball player,” Coach Haselhorst said. “She has the greatest court awareness of any player that I have ever coached. She has a keen eye for the game.”

Jueden should reach another big milestone this season, too. She currently has 905 career digs.

“Kayden has so much passion and love for the game. The younger girls really look up to her,” Haselhorst said.

Following a cancelation of its home season opener against Crofton due to a case of COVID-19 as posted by the NSAA, the Hartington-Newcastle squad headed to the Howells-Dodge quadrangle Saturday a little rustier than their opponents.

That led to a string of 2-0 defeats to Randolph (25-19, 25-19), Winside (25-10, 25-21) and the host Howells-Dodge (25-16, 25-13).

Haselhorst understood the need to cancel the Crofton match, but it did leave a lingering effect.

“The players safety is always our number one priority,” she said. “That definitely hurt us going into our tournament at Howells-Dodge because it was our first time playing and our team had some nerves to work through, where as, the other teams had already played.

“We made a lot of unforced errors at the net and the serving line. Those are things that I would like to see improve. I am always proud of the hustle that my team gives.”

Next, the team travels to Wynot to play in the Lady Blue Devils tournament Thursday.

“This week, we will continue to work on finding the perfect rotation that fits our style,” Haselhorst said. “We will see Bloomfield, Crofton and Wynot at this tournament and all teams seem to get better and better each year. Again, we need to focus on controlling what we can control and cut down on the unforced errors.”

“I am excited to have some games under our belt, though and continue to improve this week,” Coach Haselhorst said.

The Lady Wildcats took on Crofton Tuesday in a makeup game from Thursday. The Lady Cats will head to Wynot Thursday for a four-team tourney.

Hartington-Newcastle 19 19

Randolph 25 25


HNS - Kayden Jueden, 10; Erin Folkers, 7; Alivia Morten, 1; Kennadi Peitz, 1; Keanna Korth, 1; Lauren Howell, 1.


HNS - Alivia Morten, 15.


HNS - Keanna Koth, 1; Lauren Howell, 1.


HNS - Olivia Grutsch, 21; Kayden Jueden, 16; Keanna Korth, 4; Erin Folkers, 3; Alivia Morten, 2.

Hartington-Newcastle 16 13 Howells-Dodge 25 25


HNS - Kayden Jueden, 7; Kennadi Peitz, 1; Erin Folkers, 1.


HNS - Alivia Morten, 6.


HNS - Olivia Grutsch, 1.


HNS - Erin Folkers, 2; Keanna Korth, 2; Kayden Jueden, 2; Alivia Morten, 1; Kennadi Peitz, 1; Lauren Howell, 1.

Hartington-Newcastle 10 21 Winside 25 25


HNS - Erin Folkers, 7; Kayden Jueden, 2; Lauren Howell, 2; Kennadi Peitz, 1; Keanna Korth, 1; Makenna Clarkson, 1.


HNS - Alivia Morten, 12; Lauren Howell, 2.


HNS - Keanna Koth, 1; Kayden Jueden, 1.


HNS - Alivia Morten, 1.


HNS - Olivia Grutsch, 14; Alivia Morten, 10; Kayden Jueden, 7; Lauren Howell, 7; Keanna Korth, 5; Makenna Clarkson, 2; Kennadi Peitz, 1; Erin Folkers, 1;

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