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Hartington man is part of new TV show

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HARTINGTON - A 2008 Hartington High graduate has made his dreams come true.

Damon Reynolds recently moved back to Hartington after living in Lincoln for four years, and he hosted his friends to a unique housewarming party on August 21.

Reynolds hosted friends over at his house to watch the series sneak peak premiere of Too Stupid To Die on MTV. 

The Hartington resident is one of the cast members of the reality show that features stunts and other shenanigans.

“The best comment I got was ‘you guys look like you are having so much fun,’” said Reynolds. “We were having so much fun everyday. It was a blast.”

The Hartington graduate was born in California but moved to town when he was 12. He said he started doing stunts because there wasn’t a lot of things to do with his free time.

“I was super bored because the only things you can do here is go to the bar, hang out with your friends, or play video games that’s about it.”

This started him on a path of making videos of his own stunts and gaining an online following with his videos. One video put him on the map though and helped him get noticed by one of his future cast mates.

“I’ve been filming stunts since 2008 when I was living here,” said Reynolds. “The main one that got super popular is I lit firecrackers off my face. That got super viral and I think that is how Zach found me.”

Zach Holmes is one of the creators of Too Stupid To Die, and the show was filmed in Indiana where Holmes lives. Reynolds and Holmes are joined by six others: Coty, Meggan, Tommy, Chad, Khyler, and Chad Tepper.

Holmes grew up with some of them, but others, like Reynolds, were found on the internet.

Reynolds says the show is inspired by the old television and movie series “Jackass” which featured Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and a group of crazy guys that filmed pranks, skits, and generally outrageous bits of physical comedy.

“I am more of the Steve-O,” said Reynolds. “I eat the grossest things. I am known as the human trash can on the show.”

From a few examples that Reynolds gave, gross may be an understatement. From allowing a snake to bite him, to drinking a unique liquid, he has really tested his boundaries since 2008 when he started making skits in school.

“Personal boundaries were very tested. I don’t think it is on the show so I can talk about it, but I am known as the gross guy.”

Reynolds says it feels like dreams are coming true though. Seeing himself on MTV was a landmark for his career that he has been building for a decade. He said sharing that moment at a viewing party with friends was extremely special.

“That was a very sobering experience. Being on MTV was a dream that I could barely even fathom back in the day, and the fact that it is the reality now is insane. To share that experience with my high school friends was cool because it didn’t feel like I made it, it felt like we made it.”

Reynolds said that he cannot talk about whether the show is being picked up for a second season, but he has been creating content for himself to release still. As expected it comes with a classic warning.

“For me personally, I put out my own movie,” said Reynolds. “It is called Kill the Video Star and it came out in July. I am working on another one because I can’t stop making these. Stunts are like a drug for me, they are so addicting. I also have to say do not try these at home.”

The sneak peak on August 21st has come and gone, but the series will premiere in October on MTV.