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Ewing sends Wynot into State Consolation Round

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LINCOLN - The day started early for Wynot volleyball on Friday, as the team faced Ewing at 9 a.m. in Pinnacle Bank Arena. the Lady Blue Devils were slow to wake up on the court, as the top seed opponent would win in a three-set sweep — 25-13 25-13 25-17.

“I don’t know why we didn’t have legs today,” said Wynot head coach Tammy Wieseler. “We talked to the girls about eat right, get to bed early, all the little things you need to do, but we just didn’t have any legs today. We were slow on the court, which hurts us because we typically play pretty good defense.”

It was a quick turnaround for both teams, but for the Lady Blue Devils, it made it harder to defensively combat the Ewing hitters.

“When you scout that team all you hear is about that front row, and it is phenomenal,” said Wieseler. “You really have to move and pull them so they don’t have that solid double block and we tried to work around that, but we didn’t do a great job with that either.”

Ewing was led by Brenna Wagner and Tiana Thramer with nine kills each at the net. Both girls along with Summer Schroeder caused headaches for Wynot from the service line, going on long runs and earning three ace serves apiece.

The same way Wynot blockers struggled to best the Ewing hitters, the Lady Blue Devil hitters had a hard time getting it past the Lady Timberwolves blockers. This was partly because the passing was not as sharp as Wieseler said it needed to be for a win.

“Most of the time we pass decent, we have three hitters up so it gives us the option of where to set about anywhere but we didn’t pass the ball very well either. It was a little off the net, and setters had to make an adjustment and then it was too close to the net. You could tell it was not our best game.”

The loss did not end Wynot’s season though. The Lady Blue Devils played in the third-place match at Lincoln Northeast High School on Saturday against Mullen to try and end the season with a win.

“We talked about it and said we have to walk out of here with our heads high, Wynot proud and come back to play tomorrow,” said Wieseler. “We are going to watch film just like we did for this team, and you have to stay with your same routine. Most teams have to walk off the court after playing like that but we have another chance to refocus, regroup and get another game under our belt.”


Wynot 13 13 17

Ewing 25 25 25



Wynot - Shaeleee Planer, 7; Katelyn Heine, 5; Whitney Hochstein, 3; Kaitlyn Heimes, 3; Emersyn Sudbeck, 2; Michaela Lange, 1. Ewing - Brenna Wagner, 9; Tiana Thramer, 9; Sidney Stallbaum, 8; Ashley Koenig, 5; Elizabeth Nordby, 1.


Wynot - Edyn Sudbeck, 9; Emersyn Sudbeck, 6; Karley Heimes, 1; Katelyn Heine, 1. Ewing - Brianna Snyder, 25; Summer Schroeder, 2; Ashley Koenig, 1; Jaidyn Schindler, 1.


Wynot - Katelyn Heine, 2. Ewing - Brenna Wagner, 3; Tiana Thramer, 3; Summer Schroeder, 3; Elizabeth Nordby, 2; Sidney Stallbaum, 1.


Wynot - Shaelee Planer, 3; Whitney Hochstein, 1; Edyn Sudbeck, 1; Kaitlyn Heimes, 1. Ewing - 


Wynot - Katelyn Heine, 10; Edyn Sudbeck, 6; Emersyn Sudbeck, 6; Noelle Wieseler, 4; Kaitlyn Heimes, 3; Shaelee Planer, 2; Whitney Hochstein, 2; Karley Heimes, 1. Ewing - Jaidyn Schindler, 10; Summer Schroeder, 9; Ashley Koenig, 8; Elizabeth Nordby, 8; Sidney Stallbaum, 6; Brenna Wagner, 5; Tiana Thramer, 4.


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