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CWC powers past Wynot in first-round action

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LINCOLN — It may have been a short trip to the state tournament, but the Wynot Lady Blue Devils were able to make it quite the journey to get to Lincoln in the first place.

The seventh-seeded Wynot girls (18-5) dropped a 3-1 (25-19, 24-26, 25-19, 25-22) decision to CWC in the Class D2 opener Thursday despite the strong performances of Karley Heimes (12 kills, 11 digs, six aces), Edyn Sudbeck (five kills, 19 digs, 11 assists, four blocks), Kendra Pinkelman (five kills, six blocks), Emersyn Sudbeck (27 digs) and Amber Lawson (nine blocks).

The season was complete with long winning streaks, a COVID-19 quarantine, lost momentum and plenty of doubts, but all told, Wynot still found ways to win.

“We blocked really well, however our passing was a struggle at times,” Wynot head coach Tammy Wieseler said. “I am happy with the season since we missed seven games in the heart of our schedule which slowed us down a bit and reflected on our record.”

The lost opportunities to gain more wins and maybe not lose their winning mojo when the halt hit, may have cost them a higher seed.

“We started off just hoping we would have our next game, next practice and hoping it wouldn’t come and end it all and unfortunately it did happen,” Edyn Sudbeck said. “We were going into our best and working good together and then we had to stop, and it did really hurt us. It was a slow start and we had to work our way back up.

“I am proud of us getting back to the state championships. I do feel the (hiatus) did play a little bit of a role. We lost some games and I think it did affect us a little bit. A lot of it was energy and just meshing well together.”

Emersyn Sudbeck said the twoweek break was unfortunate, and yet, no one would use it as an excuse for not doing even better than they already did.

“It was just about getting back into the flow and trusting each other,” she said. “We worked our way back up and we were really lucky in some ways that we had only that two-week break and didn’t have another one.

“We did have some players that did get sick during that break. We (she and Edyn) both got it, so it was straining for those that did get it.”

The twins “worked it off” and got back at it to make it back to state.

“We were really excited that we got there and were able to have fans there, too,” Emersyn said. “It didn’t work out the way we wanted, but it was still a good experience.”

Wieseler will have to say goodbye to five seniors this year.

“They have had a great high school career,” the coach said. “We will miss them, and I thank them for all their hard work and dedication to our program.”

Now it’s on to the future and with plenty of talent expected to return, the Lady Blue Devils should be loaded for more such state tournament runs.

“The future of the program looks bright,” Wieseler said. “They will work hard like they always do and challenge one another to be competitive.”

Still, 2020 cannot be forgotten for the obvious reasons and the Wynot girls did what they could under trying circumstances.

“The season was very different due to COVID, but we didn’t let that stop us from moving forward, sticking together, making changes and adapting which are not just volleyball lessons, but life lessons as well,” Coach Wieseler said.

Emersyn Sudbeck said the season of COVID-19 put the day-today perspective in a different light.

“You’ve just got to play with all you’ve got and like it could be your last game,” she said. “If we were meant to have a season, we are meant to have a season. You just work with what you’ve got, I guess.”

CWC 25 24 25 25

Wynot 19 26 19 22


Wynot - Karley Heimes, 9; Edyn Sudbeck, 5; Kendra Pinkelman, 5; Autumn Lawson, 3; Amber Lawson, 2; Krystal Sudbeck, 2. CWC - Morgan Ramsey, 33; Emma Jonsmeth, 9; Tessa Metschke, 8; Michelle Koenig, 5; Rachel Dierks, 4.


Wynot - Amber Lawson, 5; Kendra Pinkelman, 5; Autumn Lawson, 3; Karley Heimes, 2; Edyn Sudbeck, 2; Krystal Sudbeck, 1. CWC - Morgan Ramsey, 6; Emma Jonseth, 1; Tessa Metschke, 1.


Wynot - Karley Heimes, 5; Chloe Heimes, 1. CWC - Morgan Ramsey, 3; Tessa Metschke, 2; Makenna Pelsyer, 2.


Wynot - Edyn Sudbeck, 13; Chloe Heimes, 7. CWC - Ryan Haburchak, 47; Emma Jonseth, 1; Morgan Ramsey, 1; Rachel Dierks, 1.


Wynot - Emersyn Sudbeck, 24; Edyn Sudbeck, 18; Chloe Heimes, 9; Karley Heimes, 9; Kendra Pinkelman, 5; Krystal Sudbeck, 2; Amber Lawson, 1; Autumn Lawson, 1; Reanna Groningen, 1. CWC- Tessa Metschke, 17; Ryan Haburchak, 16; Morgan Ramsey, 10; Makenna, 8; Michelle Koenig, 5;

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