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Cross country boys dominate their first meet

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BEEMER - The Wildcats have a very different look this year on the cross country team, but the team saw great success in the first meet of the season. At the 2018 Wisner-Pilger Cross Country Invitational, the boys walked home with a first-place finish, while the girls finished in fourth, fifth and sixth individually.

Dagen Joachimsen led the way for the boys, finishing in fifth with a 19:46.10. Finishing right behind him was Brayden Kathol finishing in sixth with a 19:46.30. The boys' score was rounded out with Bode Noecker’s 14th place finish with a time of 20:35.20 and Chase Lammers 21st place finish with a time of 21:13.30.

The HNS girls do not have enough runners to compete as a team, but individually the girls put on a strong performance. Sara Reifenrath, Jayda Bernecker, and Sara Burbach finished in order for a fourth, fifth and sixth. Reifenrath ran a 23:07.40, Bernecker ran a 23:11.50, and Burbach ran a 23:17.90. All three girls were a part of last year’s team that went to State.

The boys also had a strong junior varsity run, with Cole Noecker earning the first place finish with a 21:01.80. Bennett Sievers, Isaak Wiebelhaus, and Matthew Meisenheimer all finished in the top 10 in the JV race.


Boys Top 15

Hunter Bennett, Elkhorn Valley, 19:01.40; Brandon Mitzel, West Point-Beemer, 19:20.60; Calby Ruskamp, Wisner-Pilger, 19:33.50; Dre Vance, Archbishop Bergan, 19:43.90; Dagen Joachimsen, Hartington-Newcastle, 19:46.10; Brayden Kathol, Hartington-Newcastle, 19:46.30; Caleb Preister, Humphrey-LHF, 19:49.60; Dakota Gullicksen, Madison, 20:08.00; Jacob Harriger, West Point-Beemer, 20:23.50; Reid Preston, BRLD, 20:24.20; Anthony Zarate, Madison, 20:25.70; Payton Biermann, Wisner-Pilger, 0:31.20; Bode Noecker, Hartington-Newcastle, 20:35.20; Ryan Bathke, LCC, 20:40.10.


Boys Team Scores

Hartington-Newcastle, 46; BRLD, 52; Wisner-Pilger, 74; Elkhorn Valley, 81; Madison, 86; West point-Beemer, 121; Humphrey-LHF, 125; LCC, 143; Archbishop Bergan, 145; Winnebago, 150; East Butler, 155; Ponca, 156; Winside, 175; Pender, 239; Oakland-Craig, 279.


Girls Top 15

Paige Steinman, Pender, 21:53.90; Daisy Korus, Humphrey-LHF, 22:13; Alson Stineman, Lutheran High Northeast, 22:50.30; Sara Reifenrath, Hartington-Newcastle, 23:07.40; Jayda Bernecker, Hartington-Newcastle, 23:11.50; Sara Burbach, Hartington-Newcastle, 23:17.90; Samantha Linder, Oakland-Craig, 24:07.70; Piper Steinman, Pender, 24:10.60; Leah Podliska, Humphrey St. Francis, 24;14.90; Ashley Ternus, Humphrey St. Francis, 24:35.70; Amelia Weeks, Battle Creek, 24:45.40; Jayla Price, Winnebago, 24:57.80; Kailey Pena, West Point-Beemer, 25:02.20; Kyleigh Sjuts, Humphrey St. Francis, 25:32.90; Madison Stricklin, Humphrey St. Francis, 25:34.90.


Girls Team Scores

Humphrey St. Francis, 30; Pender, 37; West Point-Beemer, 57; Battle Creek, 74; East Butler, 86; Humphrey-LHF, 86; Wisner-Pilger, 100; Oakland Craig, 118;