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Area writing phenom plans to keep putting her thoughts on paper

LAUREL — Sarah Hartman sat back and simply watched with wonder the images that flowed from her 6-year-old daughter.

Adeline, the young lady from Dixon, ultimately penned a thoughtful tale of close to 200 words that she submitted and ultimately got recognized for third place in her age group (first grade) by Nebraska Public Media.

The family moved back to the area two years ago since it is the hometown of Jared Hartman, the family’s patriarch.

“She started writing in kindergarten,” Sarah said of her daughter. “She’s been writing for about a year or so.”

The story – “The Darkness” – is about a kitten named Precious playing with clouds and one day as the frolic moved forth, the day went dark – causing the game being played to halt – when jealousy took over.

Precious hadn’t been paying attention to the one cloud and it decided to move in front of the sun to make things dark after the cat “didn’t want to play with me.” Ultimately, the irritated cloud

Ultimately, the irritated cloud chills out and they all play together and form a rocket ship, which Precious gets on and rides.

“I thought she did well, and I was proud of her,” Sarah said of Adeline, who also drew pictures for the book, which was written at the last minute before entry.

Adeline won a prize package consisting of books, a book bag and PBS kids’ stuff.

Adeline said she came up with her story after drawing a photo about Precious and it went from there. This was actually the second story the young Dixon girl had written about this particular cat.

“I thought it was a good idea and character,” Adeline said. “I like that Precious figured out a way for everybody to play and it was fun for her to solve the problem.”

Adeline says she might want to write more adventures involving Precious in the future.

“I want to keep writing since I like to write stories,” Adeline said. “I don’t know what I will write.

“This one was similar (to her previous one). I think I’ll do more stories about her and her friends.”

She promised to let people know when the next story comes out.