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1994: Board considers preschool use of classroom

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75 Years Ago - July 14, 1949 RANDOLPH – Randolph’s tax valuation of the 1949 assessment for real estate, personal tangible and intangible property and motor vehicles is $842,600, an increase of about $77,000 over last year.

This increase is reflected in Cedar county’s valuations, which are also up over $1,55,000 from the 1948 assessments. This increase in the county is due mainly to farm personal property increase in corn, hogs, and cattle, but merchants’ improvements in buildings and larger stock is also a contributing factor.

Breakdown of Randolph’s valuation is $465,880 for real estate; $253,860 for personal tangible; and $122,860 for motor vehicles. Randolph’s valuation is second only in towns in the county to Hartington. *** RANDOLPH – The county shed on highway 20, in which is stored county maintenance equipment and supplies, was broken into by thieves some time on Monday night and about 15 gallons of gasoline and 20 gallons of oil stolen.

Entrance was gained by breaking a window. Sheriff Ralph E. Clements was immediately notified after the thievery was discovered and came to Randolph to investigate.

60 Years Ago - July 9, 1964 RANDOLPH – Miss Mary Lou Lenhoff with her horse ‘Princess’ appeared on the Fourth of July at the Norfolk Rodeo where she was elected as second runner-up in the contest for Rodeo Queen.

Miss Lenhoff, one of 10 candidates for the title, was the entry of the Randolph Saddle Club in the contest.

Election for the total was based on congeniality, personality, appearance and horsemanship. *** RANDOLPH – The Randolph Community Fair has been expanded to include an additional evening’s entertainment this year, it was announced this week by the committee in charge.

Regular fair date is Monday, August 3, and all the regular features of the fair will be held that day.

In addition an evening of entertainment is being planned for Sunday, August 2. Events will include a home talent show and softball game. The carnival which as been contracted, Chuck’s Midway Shows, is scheduled to be in operation Sunday evening as well as throughout the day and evening on Monday.

50 Years Ago - July 11, 1974 RANDOLPH – Superintendent Neil Kluver reported to The Times that Ray Schnell and Marilyn Slandered have been hired by the Board of Education for the 1975-76 school term.

Ray Schnell will serve as Guidance Counselor in the Randolph High School. Mr. Schnell and his wife, Le Ann have one daughter, Nicole, age 3.

Marilyn Slandered will serve as West School Librarian. Marilyn has been librarian at St. Edward the past two years.

In other action on Monday evening the board of education accepted the resignation of George Whitney from a contract that he had signed earlier in the year for the coming school year. *** RANDOLPH – Neighbors helped out at the Tony J. Backer home Wednesday, July 3 following a farm accident that injured their son, Brian, on Monday. People that helped were Kenneth Huff, Paul Mannion, Leonard Heger, Ervin Haselhorst, and Paul, Rick and Gary Backer.

On Friday, neighbors filled the silo. They were Paul Backer, Rick and Gary, Ervin Haselhorst, Eldred Blomquist, Darrell Polenske, Paul Mannion, Terry Rasmussen, Douglas Backer, Kenneth Huff and Dan Backer. Ladies assisting with the dinner were Mrs. Paul Mannion, Mrs. Ervin Haselhorst, and Mrs. Kenneth Huff.

40 Years Ago - July 12, 1984 RANDOLPH – The Randolph City Council discussed a variety of topics at its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 3. Included in the discussion were the receiving of budget requests from various departments from the 1984-85 fiscal year and the decision by the council to purchase a Mist Sprayer, for use in spraying bugs and insects in Randolph.

The city council also set Monday, July 23 as the date for a special budget meeting which will start at 6:30 p.m. The council will also be going over the codifying, or regrouping, of ordinances at the special meeting which city Attorney Pat Rogers recommended to the council on Tuesday evening.

In one of the few things actually voted on during the three-hour meeting, the council voted to purchase a Mist Sprayer from Rokahr Implement of Randolph. The cost of the sprayer with a 20-gallon tank, an electrical shut-off switch, and a micro sprayer head totals $2,083.75. *** RANDOLPH – Neil Lackas was the recipient of the Randolph Community Club’s Employee of the Year award on Tuesday night following the club’s annual barbecue.

Mr. Lackas received an engraved plaque from the Community Club during appropriate ceremonies. He has been employed at First State Bank for over 20 years and has served the community as a volunteer fireman, school board member, in various offices for the club, Scout leader and also served his church in various capacities.

Mr. and Mrs. (Carolyn) Lackas are the parents of three children, Becky, Jeff and Tony.

30 Years Ago - July 13, 1994 RANDOLPH – Three individuals attended the council meeting, July 5, regarding a problem with water drainage following heavy rains in their neighborhood east of the golf course.

Betty Wattier, Gladys Backer and Rick Dominisse approached the council about high water in the heart of south Randolph. Marvin Weber and Junior Munter had also previously called council members regarding the issue.

Various ideas for controlling the water were discussed. Council members decided to have the area surveyed and Schmit Construction will be contacted about a solution to the problem.

*** RANDOLPH – Mayor Roger Johnson and Councilmen of the city of Randolph will conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, July 15 at 7 p.m. in honor of the highway lighting project.

The ceremony will be dedicated to the late Paul N. Tunink, former city councilman and originator of the project. The dedication will take place at the corner of Main Street and Highway 20 (across from Marley’s Standard.)

The Mayor and City Council extend an invitation to the community to join the Paul Tunink family on this occasion.

20 Years Ago - July 14, 2004 RANDOLPH – The Randolph City Council took action against several property owners in their meeting July 14.

The Council found it necessary to proceed with legal actions against property owners whose lots were found to be a nuisances by the local board of health.

Randolph Mayor Gordon Boatman, Randolph Board of Health member, reported the Board found properties within city limits that were a nuisance and in need of immediate maintenance. These property owners received notification earlier this spring, requesting their cooperation in cleaning up their lots. *** RANDOLPH – A new face can be seen at United Methodist Church in Randolph and Wausa.

Members of the Randolph and Wausa United Methodist Churches welcomed Rev. Janis Soul into the parish, July 1. Residing in Wausa, Soule will be minister of both church communities.

In 1996, Soule retired from her career as nurse and joined the seminary where she studied at St. Paul’s School of Theology, Kansas City, Kan. *** RANDOLPH – The Randolph Board of education discussed Monday a proposal to use a classroom to house the local preschool run by Nina Korth. A decision on the issue has been made but legalities were discussed.

Supt. Ted Hillman reported the fire marshal inspected the room and is checking on codes to see if the classroom would meet regulations. Hillman said there was a possibility of upgrades needed in order to be able to operate a preschool in a vacant elementary room.

Other issues were brought up concerning the operation of the preschool on district grounds.

10 Years Ago - July 16, 2014 RANDOLPH – Rain dampened the spirits of young 4-H members at this year’s Randolph Community Fair, but it couldn’t stop the rest of the event from going on.

The annual Livestock Shows were cancelled, but the antique tractor and car shows, mud volleyball tournament, parade and other events still went on as planned.

For the first time in two years, the Randolph Community Fair again featured its antique tractor and car show Sunday afternoon. 4-H groups and other local businesses decorated floats and joined the parade of vehicles through town for all to admire. *** RANDOLPH – Recent rains have turned a flood control structure near here into a lake.

With more problems available than solutions, Cedar County Commissioners now wait for a series of questions to be answered before moving forward to fix the once dubbed flood control road dam project now turned lake located on 561 Avenue and 870 Road northeast of Randolph.

The main concern for the county is the integrity of the road, but also the safety of its citizens and the surrounding land owners. *** HARTINGTON – Twenty-seven Cedar County property owners disagree with the 2014 valuation placed on their real estate and have filed protests.

Fifteen of the protests involve farm land, while 12 protests are on residential property.

June 30 was the last day for property valuation protests.