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1963: Stray bullets enter local home

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Sept. 16, 1948

RANDOLPH – Randolph will soon have three new residences, and building operations on all three are already in progress. The residences

are being erected by Howard

Cobb, R.J. Krieger and Al Kuhl.

Mr. Cobb, who is a local contractor, began building operations last spring, and his home is located in the west part of Randolph, one block west of St. John’s Lutheran church.

The Krieger residence will be located one and a half blocks east of the M. & O. depot, and excavation for the basement is nearing completion.

Al Kuhl recently purchased the lots south of the J.F. Atwood residence in east Randolph from V.C. Havorka, Sr. to use as the site for the home he is erecting.

Sept. 12, 1963

RANDOLPH – Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Root, who reside southwest of Randolph are thankful to be alive today. While sitting on the porch of their home last week Mrs. Root heard bullets whizzing in the branches of the trees at their home. Mr. Root was in the farm yard at the time.

Upon further investigation a bullet was found to have entered a window sash, through the bottom of a venetian blind, then protruded into the upholstery of a platform rocker, glanced off the wood part of the rocker and upon the floor.

The bullet has been identified as being shot from a high powered rifle, probably a 30-30 calibre, such as used for hunting deer.

Sept. 12, 1963

RANDOLPH – In action taken at a regular Board of Education meeting Monday evening, the board voted to accept the resignation of Wm. F. McMurry as music instructor at the Randolph public school. Mr. McMurry plans to leave the teaching profession and be employed in the investment field in Oklahoma. He will conclude his teaching here Friday.

The board has offered a contract for the remainder of the first semester to Gary R. Siechta, a Morningside College student from Sioux City, Ia. Mr. Siechta will receive his degree from Morningside next spring.

Mr. Siechta is scheduled to teach instrumental music during the morning hours. Vocal music will be discontinued for the present time.

Sept. 13, 1973

RANDOLPH – The zip code - the five digit number following the state in United States addresses - now appears on more than 85 percent of first class mail, according to postmaster Marvin Weber.

He said the coding of mail has become even more important in recent months with a growing share of first class letters sorted with machines equipped with Zip Mail Translator (ZMT).

“With this computerized unit, letter sorting machine operators simply key the Zip Code appearing on the envelope,” postmaster Weber said. “The Zip Code is then ‘translated’ and the envelope is routed accordingly.”

Sept. 13, 1973

RANDOLPH – Members of the Allen Eastern Livestock 4-H club fared well at the annual Norfolk Meat Animal Exposition held on Monday.

Four of the seven members entered won purple ribbons in the showmanship contest. They were Kathy Bermel and Logene Baird in the junior division and Lonnie Bermel and Don Huwaldt in the senior division.

Blue ribbons on calves were won by Kathy Bermel, Don Huwaldt, Lonnie Bermel, and Debbie Robinson. Red Ribbons were awarded to Nancy Weyhrich, Logene Baird and Garry Weyhrich.

Sept. 15, 1983

RANDOLPH – The Randolph School Budget adopted for 1983-84 has increased 4% from 1982-83 levels. The new budget is $1,366,196 compared to $1,311, 862 last year. The increase is $54,344.

State required retirement payments beginning July 1 1983 were increased 100% by recent legislation. Employers such as the school were required to pay 50%of the employees contribution and are now required to meet the employees contribution in total. This amounted for a $9,702.00 increase or 18% of the total increase.

Final tax figures are not yet available as the valuations from Cedar-Pierce and Wayne counties are not complete.

Sept. 15, 1983

RANDOLPH – The temperatures since the beginning of classes at the Randolph Public Schools have reached into the 90s causing classes to be dismissed early on several occasions.

Following a thermometer reading on Friday that reached just short of the century mark a cool front moved into the area on Saturday and created more fall like conditions as high temperature reading on Sunday and Monday reaching into the low 80s. The low temperatures on Sunday morning and Monday morning were reported to have reached into the 40s.

Moisture in the area has been sparse and crops are past the stage where rainfall will do much good this year, but rainfall now could certainly improve hopes for a better future.

Sept. 8, 1993

RANDOLPH – Tickets will soon go on sale for “Opal is a Diamond,” a comedy by John Patrick to be performed by cast members Sandra Kuhlman, Sindee Schmit, Arlyn Loberg, Scot McFey McCluskey, Jody Sellon, Loren Hansen, Pat Rogers, Barb Rohde and Loren Haselhorst. Directing are Cinda Jones and Dorothy Jensen. The comedy is a production of the Randolph Area Arts Council set for dinner theatre performance, Saturday, Oct. 2 and Sunday matinee, Oct. 3.

Sept. 8, 1993

RANDOLPH – Eric Johnson, 1992 RHS graduate, was selected as a member of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Drum Line, Aug. 16.

Johnson said performing for his first Nebraska football game, Saturday, Sept. 4, in Lincoln made him feel proud.

Sept. 17, 2003

RANDOLPH – The Randolph Homecoming celebration is capped off with the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, Cody Backer and Kerrie Winkelbauer.

Kerrie, daughter of Roger and Sharolyn Winkelbauer, has been active in basketball, 4-H, volleyball, band and FFA while a student at Randolph High School.

Cody, son of Rick and Sandy Backer, has been active in football and FFA while a student at Randolph High School. “Going to the Hartington dance with Bryce, Tony and Tara,” Cody said was his most memorable event in high school.

Sept. 17, 2003

RANDOLPH – The Randolph Board of Education met at 7:30 p.m. in the high school board room to address any concerns the community

may have over the proposed

budget and tax increase for the 2003-04 year.

No community members were present to express concerns.

At 8 p.m. the board went into regular session to discuss regular business. Principal Steven Reinhardt addressed concerns over the router for the computer system at the Randolph High School. According to Reinhardt, the router is extremely old and it is causing some problems with the new Altona system.

Sept. 11, 2013

RANDOLPH – A Cedar County dispatcher had no idea he would be assisting with the delivery of a baby when he answered aa 911 call here Monday evening.

Dispatcher Benjamin Gall, Randolph, took a 911 call at 6:37 p.m. - a baby was about to be born in a a car just north of the Hwy 81/84 junction.

The parents, Scott and Melissa Doerr, rural Wausa, were on their way to the hospital in Yankton, S.D. They were approximately 20 miles from the hospital when they stopped the car.

Sept. 11, 2013

RANDOLPH – Rates to rent the City Auditorium will be going up.

Board members reviewed and discussed the current rates during the Sept. 4 City Council meeting.

The last time rates for using the Auditorium changed were 2008, according to City Administrator Cinda Jones.

“These are small numbers in the scheme of things - especially when you look at the cost of a wedding,” Councilman Brad Bargstadt said.

Changes on rates will include the following: Main hall, for meetings will be $100 (was $75) Reception - $175 (was $125) Reception and dance - $250 (was $195) Set up days to decorate - $10 per day Auctions, hall and tarp -$160 (was $125)

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