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1960: Lt. Gov. Burney launches his re-election bid

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Jan. 5, 1950

HARTINGTON — The new 300-foot radio tower constructed for the Consumers Public Power District began operation here last weekend.

The station has a power of 500 watts, which permits it to contact other District stations and most of the 30 trucks in the O’Neill District.

All these trucks now have mobile transmitters installed in them.

Jan. 5,1950

HARTINGTON— Two new automobiles, the 1950 Chevrolet and the 1950 Oldsmobile, will be placed on display in Hartington Saturday at the Hahn Chevrolet Co. showroom. One of the principal features of the new Chevrolet, which is being offered in nine body styles, is the “Powerglide” automatic transmission, making its appearance for the first time In the low-priced field. This is optional equipment.

The new Chevrolet also includes a larger, more powerful engine and many other refinements that extend throughout the new models.

The new Oldsmobile, also handled by the Hahn Company will be presented in nineteen models in three new series.

Jan. 5,1950

OBERT — Fritz Schlund, well known postmaster of Obert, has retired after 17 years of post office work.

The office has been moved to the Jensen grocery store where Mrs. Vernon Jensen will operate the post office combined with the grocery store. Mr. Schlund will receive a postmaster’s pension.

Jan. 12, 1950

HARTINGTON — Ralph Westadt, second district commissioner, was named to head the board of county commissioners for the coming year.

Jan. 12,1950

HARTINGTON — The K.C. building, which is being vacated by the Belmont Clothing Store, has been leased by Clarence Suing of Fordyce, who has announced he will open a furniture store at the location.

Jan. 7, 1960

HARTINGTON — Lt.Gov. Dwight W. Burney of Hartington paid his filing fee for re-election at the Cedar County courthouse here Thursday.

Mr. Burney, a Republican, has been lieutenant governor for four years. He served as state senator from the Fourteenth District (Cedar and Knox counties) for six terms.

In 1955 he was chosen speaker of the legislature.

Jan. 7, 1960

HARTINGTON — Icy roads and heavy snow figured in four different traffic accidents, County Sheriff John Riibe reported. No one was seriously injured in the accidents.

A tractor was almost completely demolished in a near head-on collision with an auto about five miles west of here Dec. 30. Wendell Milander, Coleridge, was traveling east and as he came over a hill his auto collided with a tractor driven by Harlan Shope, Hartington. Because of the heavy drifts along the road only one-way traffic was possible, the sheriff said.

The auto hit the right side of the tractor and right wheel. The men escaped injury. Autos driven by Clyde Anderson, Bloomfield. And Elno Kinkaid, Hartington, collided about a quarter of a mile west of Pleasant Valley. Anderson was traveling east and Kinkaid, west.

Anderson attempted to turn out of the way, but his auto hit some snow and the rear swung around. The Kinkaid vehicle hit the left rear of the Anderson car.