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1920: Cedar County women are enthusiastic about amendment

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July 15, 1920

July 15, 1920 HARTINGTON — What is the attitude of Cedar County women to the vote, which will undoubtedly be extended to them if one more state ratifies the suffrage amendment?

Mrs. L.A. Miller, President of the Hartington Tuesday Club, one of the most progressive clubs in this city, believes that women will probably meet the new expectations which the amendment will demand of them.

“I am enthusiastic in my attitude for women’s suffrage,” said Mrs. Miller, who is as ardent of a homemaker as a club woman. “Women can do much toward making the cities and towns where they live better places for boys and girls. It is in matters concerning children, to matters pertaining to boys and girls that women can contribute a great deal, I believe.”

July 15, 1920

CROFTON — Fr. Joseph Boschek of Crofton, one of the most beloved priests in Northeast Nebraska left Tuesday for an eight-month trip through Europe. He expects to spend a considerable amount of that time visiting his mother at his native town of Muenchen Geadbach Rheinland, Germany. From there he plans to make extended tours of the battlefields of the World War.

July 15, 1920

HARTINGTON — A certain packer once said that his house made use of all parts of the pig except its squeal. A close rival of this packing company in Hartington is Harry Mallatt, well known mail carrier, who makes use of every millimeter of his Ford.

A system practiced such as that by this packing company, and by our local mail carrier, has striking advantages as discovered through over-hearing the latter talk in his sleep.

“In the first place, the system is economical. The government does not allow me to take passengers. My extra avoirdupois therefore allows me to economically fill every millimeter of space 300 days of every year. Think of the savings. If no one were there, it would mean that much space would be empty every day. I figure that I advantageously used over 240,000 of space. That is conservative. I defy anyone in Hartington to say he has under the circumstances used a limousine like my Ford to a greater advantage.”

“In the second place, my car is filled up and I do not get lonesome. No one, except those who have considerable empty space in a car knows how it feels to have a well filled car. It is the same as having company in your home.”

“In the third place, it has enabled me to feel satisfied with my car. I feel every single day that I am getting my money’s worth out of it.”

“In the fourth place, there is a stability to my Ford brought about by my weight that some of the heavier cars haven’t got. Due to this stability, I cannot be pushed off the road and thus I am enabled to hold my own, even in this mad age of auto driving.”

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